8 thoughts on “Your Pinterest Account Has Been Suspended”

  1. Hi
    My Pinterest account was suspended three weeks ago due to a board they felt violated policy(a board against Antifa).
    I have written them possible 25 emails, since I heard it helps to keep writing. No human has responded yet, just a message that states my account is suspended.
    What should I do?

  2. Hello! Great post.
    1. What if I wanted to do an A/B testing of different pin images and headline for the same blog post on my website?
    2. Can I pin the same pin to different boards if the topic is relevant or would that count as violation too?
    Thank you.

    • You can test different Pin images but Pinterest identifies identical images as image plus URL. You can pin to different boards but you must space out the identical pins. At this point in time, they are suggesting 7 days

  3. Hi, I have been uploading short product videos leading to etsy, no spamming, 1 video a day to a single board.
    At the beginning they were getting 2-5k views a day, but after a while after 20 videos, they stopped getting any views at all. So all my new videos (even if that’s not product videos) are getting zero views, and also my pins hardly getting any views at all (1-5 views at the top).
    This lasts for 6 months already. Would you recommend just destroying that account and start from scratch or is there anything to do?
    When I spoke to their support a number of times they just told me everything is normal.

    • I would keep emailing them! If you have evidence of a significant decline in traffic, you can keep showing them the data. I wouldn’t kill an account though


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