Video Pins: Your Must-Have Strategy for Pinterest Success

This post is all about the power of videos when it comes to your Pinterest presence! I’m going to explain why you simply MUST share videos on Pinterest to take advantage of the latest wants and needs of Pinterest users. And just in case you’re brand new to this and not sure HOW to post videos on Pinterest, I’m going back to the Pinterest basics and remind you how to upload a Pin. I’m also going to discuss what type of short video clips do best on the visual search engine that is Pinterest. And, I’ll give you some great ideas for new content that are sure to boost your engagement and reach a broad audience of viewers. 

Let’s begin! 

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Why is video crucial for Pinterest growth?

When Pinterest got started, it was just a sea of Pin images with not one single video to be found. (Does anyone else remember this time in ancient history?). However, other social media platforms started to roll out video. This meant that regular people (Pinterest users that make up our audiences or Pinners) wanted to to see video when they engaged with social media. Videos made users stay and engage with those platforms for a longer period of time. This meant that other platforms (Pinterest) needed to figure out how to support what Pinners clearly wanted to see. Let’s share some social media stats in case you are on the fence about video. According to Sprout Social, 87% of marketers report a direct increase in sales through video (reference here). In this same blog post, they shared this mind blowing stat:

Users watched an average of 17 hours of online video content per week in 2023, down from 19 hours a week in 2022. That’s over 2 hours A DAY friends. But when you see Video Pin analytics like this, it makes sense:

screencapture of a single pin video pin performance on Pinterest

With the new trend appearing everywhere now (even on LinkedIn. Who wants to watch videos on LinkedIn? Not me, but you see how widespread the expectation of all types of videos has become), you just have to accept video content as necessary on every platform, including Pinterest. This means Pinterest videos are now crucial to your marketing strategy because they allow you to reach a very wide audience. As video becomes a popular media type on social media in general, you will see more and more videos come up in search on Pinterest as time goes on. This popularity is the driving factor behind ranking decisions. Just like other platforms, Pinterest needs people to stay as long as possible to look at ads and engage with content and all that good stuff. 

Often people ask me, “do video Pins drive website traffic from Pinterest?”. Absolutely yes they can and do. Here is a client example of a Video Pin that drove growth on all key metrics on Pinterest including website traffic (outbound clicks) and sales.

screenshot about growth with video pins on Pinterest

The reality is that publicly traded companies that are also social media apps will always follow the trends. The trend right now is video. Period. As a business owner or creator, you may not love it or like it, but you need to acknowledge it’s where our audiences have gone.

Do videos work well on Pinterest?

I suspect you know my answer to this question! Whether you are a big business, a small business, a solopreneur or creator of any kind, there is no better way to create brand awareness, improve visibility, and get more views than utilizing video content as part of your marketing strategy. Regular Pins (or static image Pins) are great but they just do not cut it on their own anymore! If you want to learn more in depth about how to create high converting Pins (video and static images), check out my free guide on creating Perfect Pins.

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I would go so far as to say that video is one of the most under-utilized but most important social media marketing strategies for any Pinterest business account.

screenshot of add to cart items from video Pins on Pinterest

And this is not just a feeling. The stats don’t lie! Pinners are nearly twice as likely to buy something after using Pinterest than users of other social platforms. Pinterest actually has about three times better viewability and a video completion rate TWICE that of the average social media platform. This higher engagement level means that you need to take advantage of what people want to see right now: video. 

If you are worrying about how you will find time to create all new video content, don’t! Your video doesn’t have to be original content. Repurposing content you have already created for a different platform is a great way to produce “new” content for Pinterest. Your video TikTok content, Instagram reels, and Youtube video content can work together to expand your reach without having to create anything new. B-roll videos and Instagram carousel posts can also be repurposed as “new” video content for Pinterest! (This last one must be done in the Pinterest app. Just add music and voila! Videos.) Here is an example where I did share an Instagram carousel post to my Pinterest account.

When you’re looking at your videos and wondering if they would work for Pinterest, ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Does it add value? 
  2. Is it educational? 
  3. Will it help people? 

We agree that video content is vital for your visibility, yes? But of course, like everything else on Pinterest, you need to be doing it strategically. You need to convert those people into followers or subscribers for your email list. You need to convince them to buy your products, leave the platform, and go to your website, etc. This can be hard for content creators who don’t take the time to adapt their existing video content using Pinterest optimization strategies. You need to adapt your video content for what Pinterest users are actually going to Pinterest for. This is a bit different than what they go to TikTok for, etc. Remember the little things, like using keyword optimization for Pin titles and descriptions and removing the watermarks from other platforms. Adding relevant tags for your subject matter is also key. Here is what adding tagged topics to your video Pins look like on Pinterest:

screenshot of tagged topics on Pinterest (video Pin example)

And always remember that you will not know if your video is doing well until it’s been posted for 6-12 months. You need to be happy playing the long game with Pinterest, so just be patient! 

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How to Upload a Pin on Pinterest

Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics, especially when you’re adding something new to the mix! So here is my short mini-tutorial on how to to upload a Pin. 

  1. Log in to your account (Ideally, you will do this on a desktop. It will be slightly different on your mobile device and I recommend a desktop if possible.) 
  2. Go to your “Home feed” in the top left corner 
  3. Choose “Create Pin” from the “Create” column (this is the new, single unified method of uploading a Pinterest Pin)
  4. Click the “choose a file” area and choose a file type (either static image or video uploads) 
  5. Add the Title and Description using relevant keywords, and 
  6. Fill out the other available fields (spend some time making sure you do this step thoroughly and optimize your content for search)
screenshot of organic Pin upload feature on Pinterest

Now if you are more advanced, you may notice that uploading a Pin there is a second opinion under the “ad” menu… Now here’s the thing, you can actually use this method (let’s call it the legacy Pin builder) to upload a Video Pin. This is what that method looks like:

screenshot of legacy paid Pin upload feature

Here is how to add a cover to your Video Pins (make sure you select a cover that grabs our attention and has clear text to clarify what the Pin is about – pro tip: ensure you are using relevant keywords! Learn more about that here). The video cover is a “slider” and you can slide left and right and click the photo you want.

screenshot of picking a cover of a video Pin on Pinterest

Can you upload videos on Pinterest?

If you’re new to video content on Pinterest, this is the perfect time to share a new fact about Pinterest Video Pins. There was a time when uploading images and videos had different processes. Not anymore! Now, when you select “choose a file” you have the option of either type of media, all in the same place. Better, right? This means that if you already know how to upload an image, you also know how to upload a video! Once you add your video, you can choose “Edit cover” and grab a different frame for the cover image. Make sure there is text on it! You have the option of adding text right in the Pin creation screen but the options are more limited for text overlays than they would be if you create the video itself with text.

And that’s it! That’s how you upload a Pin (video or otherwise) to your Pinterest boards. Easy! 

Why is Pinterest not letting me post videos?

Maybe you tried following these instructions and found you were not able to upload a video,. There are a couple possible reasons why this might be. The most likely reason is that you are trying to post videos from your personal Pinterest account. Video Pins are only available with Pinterest business accounts. You’ll need to convert your existing personal account to a business account or create a new business account. You can read all about how to do that (and some other good reasons why you should) right here.

Another reason might be that Video Pins are only an option in certain countries. Check if you are in a geographic location where this type of Pin is just not a possibility. Let me inspire you – here are organic sales from a single Pin on Pinterest:

screenshot of sales from video pin on Pinterest

How to go viral on Pinterest?

So now, here we are. I’ve convinced you that you should post videos on Pinterest as part of your Pinterest marketing strategy. I’ve shown you how to upload your new Video Pins. Now, maybe you’re wondering WHAT to post? Whether you are able to repurpose old content from other video platforms or need to create something new to make it happen, certain types of content are a sure hit. And these ideas will work for anyone, regardless of what type of business owner or creator you are. Craftsman? Travel inflencer? Doesn’t matter!  These 9 ideas are going to help you get discovered on Pinterest: 

  1. Share a video about “a day in the life of”: Whether you’re an artist, a social media manager, a tarot card reader, a blogger, or a nutritionist, people are nosy and curious about what your day looks like. I promise. 
  2. Behind the scenes look/perspective: Give us a glimpse of your process or craft. People love seeing how you work and your unique thinking or process. (This one works really really well if you don’t want to show your face. Just add voiceover!)
  3. Create a roundup: This is very common in the blogging world and has been for years. It drives so much traffic, and it’s time to bring it into the world of Pinterest videos! Create a roundup (or a list) of your favourite things from your industry. Why does this work? Pinners love having choice. They should be able to find something in your list to choose that is perfect for their situation. This format is also highly savable. This list could be something like your favourite tools, snacks, or your favourite ways to do something. Anything you think your target audience would enjoy!
  4. A before and after: This is a wonderful video idea if you do anything physical, like a roof transformation DIY project or a beauty routine makeover. It also works in the digital world. If you’re a social media manager, show us your client’s feed before and after you got hold of it. This content gives the viewer a taste of the transformation that is possible for them with your help. 
  5. Numbered tips method (or, the numbers method): This is where you come up with five tips, seven ways, ten things to do, or eleven of the best. You get the idea! People love having options so give lots of value and a reason to save your Pin. 
  6. Answer questions: Jump into your inbox or social media and pick out a frequently asked question about the thing or service that you sell for an FAQ post. In video form, of course! 
  7. Inspiration post: This is where you would say “X” inspired you to think about a certain topic or product and then put your own personal spin on it. A friend, brand, or celebrity are all good sources of inspiration for this type of post. To give you an example, I once reviewed Martha Stewart’s Pinterest account. Doing a review like this gives you a chance to leverage your knowledge and authority in your particular subject matter. 
  8. Maximize Pinterest trends: Pinterest has a tool (called “Trends”) that will show you what is currently trending on the platform. Business owners can log in and check this tool to see what is currently trending in relation to your products, niche, or industry. Pick a trend and then think about how you could create a video that maps that trend onto your personal brand. For example, morning routines were once a very big trend. So, you could create a video about your morning routine as an artist or social media manager (or whatever it is you do). 
  9. Tutorials: Pinterest step-by-step breakdowns are very popular. Pinterest users LOVE learning, so if you can break something down into beginner or common sense steps, your Pins will do very well. This kind of content is very valuable and will result in a lot of saves. 

If you aren’t already sold on sharing video to Pinterest, let me share this insider Pinterest secret with you – Video is prioritized on the platform. What does that mean? It means that high quality, original content will be pushed out to more surfaces on the platform/app. It allows you a competitive edge over your competitors. Also here’s a bonus – Pinterest is more likely to feature you as a creator or business if you are actively creating video content on Pinterest.

screenshot of featured creators on Pinterest

And in search, Pinterest encourages users to search by format including Video Pins.

screenshot of filtering Pinterest search results by video format

That’s it! A comprehensive discussion on why video on Pinterest matters, the best ways to repurpose and optimize old content for a new platform, a step-by-step tutorial for how to post videos, and some great Pinterest-friendly content ideas to get you started. If you are wanting to get more serious on Pinterest and get results like my clients and students, grab my comprehensive workshop on creating Video Pins here. I will teach you how to create visibility, grow your sales and make video marketing on Pinterest so easy for you. I hand deliver you an amazing Video Pin Strategy for Pinterest in this concise video training with a ton of resources and goodies to support you.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start pinning video! I’m so excited to see what taking advantage of this format will do for your business over the next few weeks and months. 

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