5 Time-Saving Tips for Pinterest 2021

Today we are diving into how to save time with systems and workflows on Pinterest. We all have just 24 hours in a day, and it can sometimes feel almost impossible to get ALL the things done. Personal commitments, running a business, AND keeping up with marketing on Pinterest – it’s enough to make a person cry BUT I am sharing my 5 time-saving tips and tools for Pinterest for 2021.

Thankfully, with the right Pinterest workflow, you can save time (and money because time = money) for the things that matter in life.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing some of my top time-saving Pinterest tips and strategies, so that you can be more intentional about the time you spend on Pinterest. Apart from the Pinterest marketing systems and workflows that I use (and recommend to my clients), as a bonus, I’m also sharing some additional time-saving Pinterest tools you can use to make life easier.

Now, let’s start saving time on Pinterest. It’s all about Pinterest automation, safe Pinterest scheduling tools and creating tools to help you streamline your Pinterest marketing workflow and systems.

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Pinterest Tools and Tips to Save You Time

1. Batch Content Planning & Creation for Pinterest

How do you create content for Pinterest? If you’re like most people using Pinterest for business, you probably realize at some point during the week that you haven’t Pinned anything on Pinterest, and rush to throw out a piece of content (or five) with random keywords. Then you promptly forget about Pinterest till the following week, when the cycle repeats itself.

Unfortunately my friend, this strategy is not the best use of your time, and it probably doesn’t produce the results you’re looking for on Pinterest either.

That’s where batch content planning and creation comes in handy.

Set aside time every two weeks (I like to plan my content in two-week batches, but you can do it weekly or monthly if it suits your schedule) to work on all things related to Pinterest marketing for your business. Once you have your Pinterest marketing strategy worked out, it’ll be easy. 

Start with keyword research. Plan what keywords you want to rank for, and think strategically about the keywords relevant to your business, niche or industry.

Keyword research can feel intimidating but with a Pinterest Keyword Planner, you’ll easily be able to research, plan, track and optimize your Pinterest keywords. 

Pair this with the plug-and-play Pin Title Generator which allows you to enter relevant info and automatically generate over 50+ potential high-converting Pin titles that you can use in your Pinterest marketing (including Pin descriptions and text overlay on graphics)!

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Being intentional and planning for the future is key in batching content creation. Use this time to plan where you want to gain more authority, and focus on creating high quality, useful content that provides value to your ideal customer. Batch creation of graphics and working on all related Pinterest content at the same time is also a major time-saver. 

As an added bonus, once you block time off in your calendar for batching Pinterest content, you’ll automatically get more consistent, and we all know Pinterest loves consistency!

2. Use Canva Templates For Your Pinterest Pin Creation

If you’re not naturally gifted with an artistic eye, creating scroll-stopping pins can feel challenging. And let’s face it – Pinterest image creation can take time. Luckily, using Canva Templates can make life easier. If you don’t already have a Canva Pro account, I highly recommend getting the Pro account (here is a link to sign up). This allows you to uploading branding, save ALL the things and really get a ton of valuable extras (I love the stock images and videos).

Canva is a great tool that I LOVE. It’s free, and you can easily create gorgeous Pins on it. Even better, there are tonnes of Canva templates to play around with to find ones that you love – and each one gives a completely unique and fresh look to your Pins. Just by taking advantage of Canva templates, you can create all your Pins in one sitting and ensure that your Pinterest feed isn’t repetitive.

Another thing I love about using Canva templates is that it makes it SO easy to create new Pins for existing landing pages or destination links. This allows you to reshare content you’ve shared in the past – to Pinterest, it’s like sharing all new content (again, something that Pinterest loves!).

Looking for professionally designed Canva templates to make your Pins stand out from the crowd? Members of Pin Potential get instant access to professionally design Pinterest Canva Templates, ready to plug and play, making Pin creation a breeze and saving you loads of time! What’s more, the membership includes a detailed Pin Tracker – which allows you to track Pin performance with key metrics, and do A/B testing of your Pins to get super strategic.  Some of my FAVORITE Canva template designers include: Bark and Basil and Coded Creative.

3. Use a Pinterest Scheduling Tool/Pinterest automation

How annoying is it to log into Pinterest each time you want to post a Pin? It not only is annoying, but a huge waste of time to drop everything else you’re doing just to put up a Pin! My friend, if this is you, I’m about to change your life.

Let me introduce you to Scheduling Tools.

I swear, these tools are magical when it comes to saving time on Pinterest. Simply upload all your Pins to the scheduling app for Pinterest and assign them to be published at your desired date and time. Sit back and enjoy all the extra time you now have on your hands! That’s it, it’s that simple.

Tailwind is a Pinterest-approved scheduler that I have been using for years, and love. It is the most robust Pinterest scheduler that allows you to be in the right places at the right time. An alternative to Tailwind is the Pinterest scheduler. With a Pinterest Business account, you have access to the in-build scheduler that allows you to schedule Pins for future posting on desktop or iOS for up to two weeks in advance.

4. Use Pinterest in-app editing tool for Idea Pins

I’m a big fan of Pinterest Idea Pins – they’re such a great way to share a variety of content like how-to tutorials, step-by-step guides, mini stories about your product, and so much more. And what’s more, Pinterest is heavily pushing out Idea Pins, which means it’s a great way to get visibility and traction for your Pinterest account.

But, putting together a cohesive Idea Pin that looks good and just flows can be a time-consuming process. Which is why every time I put up Idea Pins, I thank my lucky stars that the Pinterest app has an in-built editing tool for Idea Pins!

It is such a time-saver that allows for quick and effective editing. I just upload my videos and images, edit them and add text overlay, and BOOM – published for an instant boost in engagement and impressions. What’s not to love?!

P.S. Want to figure out just how much growth you’re getting on Pinterest? My Pinterest Growth Tracker + Analytics Reporting tool will give you the low-down on how your efforts are paying off.

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5. Repurpose with Purpose with Pinterest

Are you posting content on other platforms? Are you reusing that content on Pinterest? If not, you’re missing out!

So many of us are creating content for multiple platforms. However, instead of repurposing that content for Pinterest, we start from scratch and end up wasting time doing things over and over again. Instead, what we can do is to optimize and tweak our existing content for the Pinterest audience. Think of this as an opportunity to reuse content in a way that is appealing and beneficial to Pinterest users.

Instagram Reels, TikToks, and other short snappy videos make for great Idea Pins. Clips from podcasts, YouTube videos and Facebook Lives can all be repurposed for Pinterest. All of this valuable information can be re-shared on Pinterest to gain extra eyes and traction for your amazing content. A pro tip is to remove the other social platform watermarks cuz we don’t want to see that on Pinterest (just like how Instagram doesn’t like the TikTok watermark!). And when it makes sense, share content from other places where you are marketing yourself (such as Instagram and YouTube – you can claim these accounts on Pinterest) and watch the effect Pinterest has on your business. It doesn’t always have to be about creating NEW content or one time content – but you should be considering how you can purposefully adapt and serve your audience on Pinterest.

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Proven Pinterest Systems and Workflows

I LOVE Pinterest, so I can tell you for a fact – the possibilities are endless on Pinterest! But you didn’t start a business to be glued to social media. I love the passive, evergreen traffic machine that Pinterest can be for business owners. For years, we have battled with being in all the right places at all the right times – but what if your content could be discovered and found by Pinterest users while you slept – did other things – went to the park – read a book? That’s the magic of a visual search engine. You have connect your content directly with users who are searching for it – who have the INTENT to discover new ideas and businesses that solve their problems. Sound amazing? It is. If you are looking to save time and steamline your Pinterest automation, Pinterest systems and workflows, check out my Pinterest marketing toolkit – it is literally going to save you HOURS.

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  1. Hi Megan,

    Thanks for these insights. I am on your email list too.
    I did not realize you need to do keyword research and content batch.
    I want to know has the new Pinterest algorithm update had any effect on your traffic?
    Keep the good work.

    • The new algorithm has not affected myself or my clients to be honest. I know others have felt the impact but it’s most likely due to ineffective strategy to begin with. Keyword research is definitely something to batch! You will save so much time and optimize for better results/return

  2. Thank you ever so much for an amazing 1st day of Pinterest training. Am watching from Australia so it is on replay but taking loads of notes and hope to be able to grow my business using your guidance. I’m very excited for day 2.

    Thank you for being so real and authentic.


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