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My name is Meagan Williamson, and I am a Pinterest addict. I know addiction usually only leads to big problems, but in this one, single case, addiction leads to HUGE PINTEREST WINS! Every once in a while, constantly having my finger on the pulse of what is happening out there in the Pinterest world, leads me to break Pinterest news, and information that the rest of the world is just waking up to. I am giddy and excited to share news from Tailwind (my preferred Pinterest scheduling app),  SmartLoop scheduling feature is officially being rolled out on all accounts.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase. This helps fuel all the super awesome content on the blog, keeping you on top of your Pinterest marketing game! 


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As Tailwind grows and adds features, we have all been waiting for one feature that would help loop evergreen content (you know, those blog posts that just keep on giving ya all sorts of love from Pinterest).   What exactly is that? WELL a repinning robot friend.  A robot who could look into your Pinterest account history, sort through your best Pins, make a Pinterest-genius-robot-brained assessment of which Pins deserve to be shared on a ‘loop’, then repin them now, at the best time, to ensure that they are staying relevant and active on Pinterest? Those days are here! Tailwind is FINALLY giving us Pinterest addicts a SmartLoop feature! The SmartLoop feature in Tailwind reshares your best Pins at the best times. I hate the word autopilot but this is like SMART autopilot. This is Pinterest autopilot without the icky, spammy vibe of another program (which I have always stayed away from to be honest).  My personal take on the “other” program? It was spammy and made for poor user experience. If you want to win at Pinterest, you have to have the average user in your mind.


And save yourself a ton of time while you are at it!

Constantly searching out new content can be exhausting! Even with the recommendations from Pinterest or Tailwind, you can end up Pinning a few duds now and then, and it can feel like a lot of work to get in the number of Pins you’re looking for every day.

SmartLoop to the rescue! SmartLoop maximizes the engagement on your content, by constantly republishing it over time. It continually mines your past Pins to find the cream of the crop, then repins your best Pins at the best times. This will fill in any Pinning gaps you might have, and not only that, it will fill those gaps with your very best resurrected Pins!

There are many reasons to re-purpose and recycle older content. As Tailwind tells us, “Unlike traditional search engines, where “duplicate content” can be a problem, each time content is shared to Pinterest, Pinterest gains more context about the Pin and has more information on where and to whom to show the content.” This puts your Pins in front of more people, more often, and not only that, it is more tailored every time you save your content again.


Not sure if you’re sharing the same content too often? Worried you’re forgetting your group board rules? Relax – SmartLoop remembers for you!

For example, Tailwind tells us, “When you use Tailwind’s SmartSchedule, you can be sure your Pins are going out when your followers are most likely to engage, but you still want to give them more than one opportunity to do so.”

With it’s customizable limits, you can rest assured that you can maximize your best repin potential and avoid broken-record syndrome. You can set your pins to be looped year round OR only between a certain time period. This is an amazing feature for content creators or businesses who create seasonal content. Want your amazing summer content to not be forgotten? Set SmartLoop up to make sure you are sharing it on the regular! SmartLoop knows when your audience can handle some repinned content, what they’d most like to see, and when to show it to them. It can also behave itself when it comes to group boards, maximizing your activity while staying within the boundary of the group board rules. This is super important for group boards that set limits on the number of pins you contribute per day. You don’t want to be a bad Group Board member and be THAT person ignoring the rules. 


Staying on top of your seasonal calendar can be a challenge, especially when you’re going back into your past content looking for stuff. With SmartLoop’s Seasonal Loops feature, your best Pins of the past will resurface, within your optimal seasonal boundaries. Seasonal content is an amazing way to maintain your traffic flow throughout the year. I wrote all about what to pin this June/summer just the other day. 

OK, here’s you. “HOLD ON, MEAGAN! What content should I re-share? I don’t know which Pins are my top performers!” Fear not – SmartLoop has you covered here too, and will show you detailed stats on each Pin, pointing you in the right direction to make smart decisions about which Pins to add to your Loops.

Ugh, is anyone else getting choked up? I’ve never felt so supported! Thank you Tailwind – SmartLoop is going to be my new best friend.


With Tailwind, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ve hooked up with an Official Pinterest Partner tool. You can leave your best Pin-babies with Tailwind, and go out for the night, because you know and trust that they can handle a Pin-task that may arise. If Pinterest trusts Tailwind enough to endorse it (THAT NEVER HAPPENS), then you know your account is safe with them. Tailwind is only going to have features that Pinterest says are A-O-K. Personally, I have seen SO much gossip whirling around about Pinterest, programs and different approaches this past week. My response? Always stick with programs that have API, review best practices guides from Pinterest themselves and use Pinterest the way they want you to use it and you will BE FINE. 


Well, the first major difference is that Tailwind exists – Boardbooster waved farewell to it’s customers earlier this summer. Boardbooster looping is the closest program that compares to SmartLoop, so for the many people who have used/heard of Boardbooster, this comparison is for YOU!

As you may well know, BoardBooster had a similar looping feature, arguably it’s selling feature, and that was great for BoardBooster.  I have always been a little bit jealous of that scheduling aid. But now, thanks to SmartLoop by Tailwind, we get a similar function, from an Official Pinterest Partner. So no worries about doing anything to anger the Pinterest Gods! 

SmartLoop is also “smarter”, with more automation and Pinterest know-how, which on it’s own may be hard to trust. But like Pinterest, Tailwind only takes it’s steps in to the future, when it knows the time is right, once it has worked out all the bugs, and it will only place it’s next step into the future when it knows the ground beneath it is secure. That’s why Tailwind is an Official Pinterest Partner, and why it should become an Official [your name here] partner too. Pinterest and Tailwind worked together extensively to develop healthy ways to reshare content, then built the findings into the SmartLoop feature. 

Since Boardbooster closed it’s e-doors in June this year, many Pinterest users were left scrambling for a scheduler. No matter how hard or where they looked, they couldn’t find a looping feature in any other scheduler – UNTIL NOW. Here, in Tailwind’s own words, is how they are able to swoop in and save the looping day.


All this time were you like, “This sound great, but how long do I have to wait to get started?” YOU CAN DO IT RIGHT NOW!

Tailwind has rolled out SmartLoop in Beta form and it is available right now in your Tailwind account! Just log into Tailwind and from your dashboard select “SmartLoop”. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click “I’m Interested” and get started right now!

Every once in a while, everything seems to line up in life, and it just makes sense. Today is one of those days. ENJOY!

*This blog post includes affiliate links to Tailwind – don’t worry I wouldn’t share any programs I didn’t stand behind. If you sign up for Tailwind, I get a small bonus that helps me to pay my bills so I can keep sharing Pinterest tips, news and tutorials!


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