Unlock the Systems, Processes and Strategies to go from Overwhelmed Pinterest VA to Confident Pinterest Strategist (and land your very first client)

You know Pinterest management services is where your passion is, so let’s build the systems and processes to turn it into a thriving, professional business. 


Important question for Pinterest Managers who want more flexibility, more zeros in their bank account and more dream clients on their roster: 

What If In Just 6 weeks You Had A Totally Different Business That Lets You Spend Time With Your Family, Increase Your Rates And Confidently Manage Clients?

You know Pinterest management services is where your passion is, so let’s build the systems and processes to turn it into a thriving, professional business. 

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90% Of My Most Successful Students Start Their Journey Exactly Like Yours …

Maybe you’re stuck with a few low paying clients and you’re worried that Pinning will only ever make you some pocket money (never mind replace your actual income and allow you to quit your day job!)


Maybe you’re at bursting point with all the clients you’re juggling, but somehow you’re STILL not hitting those ambitious revenue goals you set for yourself (how can you possibly do more?!). 


Or maybe you’re just sick of daydreaming about dropping the kids off at school and grabbing an Iced Latte to-go before opening up your Mac for another day of Pinning for your dream clients. 


Maybe you’re ready to make it happen. 

Hold up! How Do You Know If You’re *Really* Ready to Take The Leap And Commit To Growing Your Pinterest Business?

I’ve been doing this for a long time.

Like over a decade long…

And I’ve helped dozens of students build Pinterest-based businesses that fit around their goals, lifestyle and nap times!

So I can usually tell when someone has the chops to make this work.

Based on what I’ve seen from my best performing students, you’ve got exactly what it takes to make your Pinterest business work for you if…

You’ve Sucked The Internet Dry of YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Blogs, Workshops, Summits, PDF Downloads And Freebies On How To Grow Or Start Your Pinterest-Based Business, But You’re Still Hungry For More

Great news! 


This means that you’ve taken the time to do the research and now you’ve outgrown this type of information, meaning you’ll be more committed to showing up and doing the work to achieve the growth you want. 


I’d be wary of allowing someone into the program who has done zero prior research as I’d question whether or not they’ve really thought this through. 

You Love Spending Time ON Pinterest & Engaging

This is a biggie!


A lot of so-called Pinterest experts out there won’t even touch the platform and will do all their client work through Tailwind. 


Big mistake. 


The most successful Pinterest marketers love spending time on the platform to grow their clients’ accounts and it’s also crucial to getting success.


If you enjoy spending time on Pinterest then you’re way more likely to put the time and effort into building your skills and adapting to changes on the platform. 


Some people just want to become Pinterest Managers because they think it’s easy money, but don’t truly love the platform. 


That’s not you, though. 


And that’s exactly why you’re in a great position to retain clients with stellar work.

You’re Still Here Despite Juggling Your 9-5 and/or Family Responsibilities

Half empty coffee cup on the kitchen counter, bagel with cream cheese in your hand, baby crying in a car seat and oh, did you remember to cancel that meeting at 10:30?!


If your morning looks a little like that and you’re STILL working on building your Pinterest business let me tell you one thing: 


You’re unstoppable. 


But despite being a one-woman powerhouse you know that you don’t want to hustle and grind 24/7; you want to make your business work on YOUR terms.


This means you’re way more likely to listen to your gut and not be led astray by marketing gurus who try and force their own unsustainable business models on you.

How To Leverage Your Potential And Take Your Pinterest Business To The Next Level

“Okay, Meagan, so if I’ve got what it takes to make my Pinterest business work then why do I feel so stuck?!” 


I hear you! 


It’s hard not to be skeptical when you’re working long hours, putting in the work and not seeing the results you want (like more freedom, time with your kids, flexibility and more $$ in your bank account). 


But I’ve found that just having potential (much like you do) isn’t enough. 


There’s a lot of unlearning to be done.


And even if you decide not to join The VA Accelerator Program, I want you to start implementing these shifts in your mindset because they will help you on the road to success. 

Yep, There ARE Enough Clients Out There For Everyone (including you!)

“There are more and more Pinterest experts and VAs than ever so it’s more competitive and harder to get clients.” 


A lot of our students are scared to fully commit to becoming Pinterest Managers (or VAs, Experts, Stategists, Wizards…whatever term you prefer!) because they see how much the industry has boomed in recent years. 


Is it true that there’s more competition than ever? 




Is it true that nailing your positioning, niche and services is what will truly help differentiate you enough to attract and retain dream clients? 



And trust me, in our 270-member Facebook group everyone has their own unique differentiating factor that makes them stand out to their ideal clients. 

“Meagan reviewed my current services to help me niche down and develop new offers.”


The growth in Pinterest professionals also speaks to an increase in demand as more and more businesses learn about Pinterest’s potential. 


I’ve seen this demand first-hand in my DMs as more and more businesses reach out asking me to connect them with QUALIFIED Pinterest managers, as they’ve been burned before with ones who over-promise and under-deliver. 


This growing demand for professionals is your opportunity! 

Yep, Clients WILL Pay More If You Package Up the Right Offer

I’m a realist. 


I won’t just tell you to 10x your prices with zero foundation or give you vague TikTok-famous-coach advice like, “charge what you’re worth”. 


If it were that simple, you would have upped your prices a long time ago. 


Increasing your prices so you can work less and earn more isn’t about just bumping your prices.


It’s about designing the right offers, packages and systems to allow you to grow without burning out. 


And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do! 

“Meagan took a deep dive on my services and helped me plan out how to scale my business to reach my next income goals.”


Yep, Managing Pinterest Accounts CAN Become A Full-Time Gig

A lot of our students have aspirations to make their Pinterest business their main source of income, but feel like they’ll only ever earn pocket money. 

But we’ve had countless students who have quit their 9-5 and now have the flexibility to control their schedule by running their own Pinterest-based business.

“I started my own full service social media marketing agency and I quit my job as a teacher. Before ending the program I tripled my income.”  


Hey, I’m Meagan Williamson And I’ve Been Mastering Pinterest Since I Was Personally Invited To Join Their Beta Testers Back In 2011

You see that screenshot there? 


That’s Ben Silberman (CEO of Pinterest) inviting me to join the beta version of Pinterest.


Yes, I’m old enough to have had a New Kids on the Block beach towel  AND to have joined Pinterest in its early Beta phase. 


I started using Pinterest to drive traffic to my own home decor blog, but soon fell in love with the platform itself and helping other bloggers and business owners leverage it to skyrocket their traffic. 

My “fun hobby” snowballed into:

Throughout my decade working as a Pinterest Marketing Expert, I’ve seen it all:

But One Of The Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned Is That No Two Businesses Look The Same

That’s why each member of the VA Accelerator Program gets to define their own vision of success and gets my undivided support and attention to make that happen. 


The most important objective is that you build a business on your OWN terms and I’m here to give you the guidance and the tools to do just that. 

The VA Accelerator Program: 55 Students - 0 Refund Requests

The 6 week coaching program that will take you from burnt-out, overworked and confused to confident, savvy Pinterest Strategist with a pipeline full of leads. 


No, but for real this time. 


Here’s how it works: 

6 Weeks of Group Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Access to Our Client Referral Program

Lifetime Support in our Facebook Group

3 Months of Pin Potential for FREE 

What Exactly Do We Cover Over The 6 Weeks Of The Program?

This program is designed to completely professionalize your business with the right foundations, processes and systems to help you set and crush goals at each stage of your growth. 


Week 1: The Systems & Processes that will foster growth, efficiency and client satisfaction 

We go back to basics to make sure that the foundations of your business are solid because if they aren’t then everything else will crumble. You’ll also unlock my swipe file bank (emails, reports, reviews, copy and more).


Week 2: Create Offers that Sell Themselves 

Leverage your strengths, expertise and passion to craft offers that make sense to the right people. This reduces the chances of potential clients saying “no” because they don’t understand the value of your offer.


Week 3: Attracting & Converting your Ideal Clients (and finally understanding who they are) 

Nail your messaging and branding while identifying where to connect with your ideal clients (you know, the type who pay on time, respect your work and refer all their friends to you!) 


Week 4: Confident Pinterest Management & Client Success Strategies 

Master client onboarding and creating a strategy for your clients to explode their Pinterest accounts. Get access to coaching and resources to help you nail your client calls, ensure smooth onboarding and make task execution a breeze. Get access to swipe files and resources to fast track the process. 


Week 5: Create Recurring Income with Client Retention Strategies

Retaining clients is much more profitable than constantly acquiring new ones. That’s why this week we’re focusing on keeping loyal clients for ongoing support. We cover: monthly packages, what to focus on in your reviews and how to deliver monthly reports to help your clients understand your value.


Week 6: Scaling your Business and Smashing Your Income Ceiling 

Understand when it’s time to start scaling your business and get the tools, advice and practical action steps to help you do it. 


“Where Will I Find Clients?!” You Can Start With Our Referral Program!

One of my core promises is that I will always provide leads to my graduates. A lot of our graduates have made back their entire investment from the VA Accelerator program from leads shared in our group. 

“I’ve just hit the 1 year mark with a client who was my first referral from Meagan. When we started with her she was only getting around 15-30 referrals to her site. She’s now getting hundreds to thousands of referrals to her site monthly.” – ALLIE

“Hiring a graduate from Meagan’s program was amazing! She does monthly reports for me, she meets with me, is diligent and presents all the analytics. We have been working together for three months and I am really excited where my business is going to go.” – DAWN

“I always had a tough time figuring out how to experience success on Pinterest. I reached out to Meagan and got a referral to someone in her program. She has helped us figure out pinterest and we have now had great success with our brand on pinterest. Highly recommend anyone from Pin Potential. ” – ROB

The “No-Pinner-Left-Behind” Guarantee

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt throughout the years it’s that in each stage of your journey, you will need support. 


That’s why, as part of the Pinterest VA Accelerator Program, you get LIFETIME access to our Facebook Group where you can pick my brain on anything Pinterest related or to help you navigate new phases of your business. 


No monthly subscription to stay in the group, ever. 

Find out what our Graduates Have to Say

If You Can Tick At Least 2 Of These Boxes Then You’re A Perfect Fit For The VA Accelerator Program

But You Should Give The Pinterest VA Accelerator a Miss If…

The Most Common Questions I get Asked by my Students...

I’m the kind of person who needs to check 20 online reviews, read all the specs of a product before buying it and triple check the shipping options…


You might be just like me and need to get ALL the info before committing and I’m here for that! 

Here’s a list of the most common FAQs our students ask before joining the VA Accelerator Program.

I’m nervous about the investment – will I make my money back?

I support my students in every single way I can, but at the end of the day you need to do the work to earn back your investment. Having said that, I’ve had students triple their income before even finishing the program and thanks to our extensive client referral network many students land clients as a result of going through the program!

Is there a payment plan? If so, how does it work? 

Yes, to make the Pinterest VA Accelerator more accessible I’ve included a payment plan of 3 monthly payments of $525

How does the referral program work? 

I get a lot of business owners asking me if I can recommend someone to them to work with. I hand-pick graduates from the program and match them with perfect-fit clients based on their experience, niche and individual needs and goals. I help you make the first contact with the potential client then you use your sales call training to land a new contract! 

How much 1:1 access do I have to Meagan? 

2x 1:1 coaching calls with me to tackle problems and roadblocks specific to YOU and YOUR business. I love our intimate group setting, but sometimes you just need a little 1:1 time to help me dig into your specific problems and goals 

You can also message me any time over on WhatsApp or Voxer during the program. After that you STILL get lifetime direct access to me through our Facebook Group

Can I speak with someone who has previously taken the program? 

Of course! We have lots of students who are more than happy to talk to you to help you decide if the program is right for you or not. Email me and I’ll connect you with some past graduates

What if I can’t make a live call? 

Life is busy, trust me I get it! Don’t worry though, all calls are recorded and uploaded to our community content portal so you can rewatch them in your own time. You can also ask questions about the topics we cover via WhatsApp or in our Facebook group

What accessibility measures do you have in place? 

All our videos have closed captions and transcripts. I’m also very conscious of breaking down lessons into bite-sized chunks to make it as easy as possible for students who suffer from conditions like ADHD to understand and follow. You can also communicate with me in a medium that best suits your needs like voice notes, short written messages via WhatsApp or email. 

Will you help me niche down my services? 

YES! I’ve helped dozens of our students niche down their services (which usually coincides with an explosion of growth). Sometimes our niche find us, sometimes it takes a little digging, but you will be better positioned on the market after we work on defining your niche

Will you help me nail my onboarding process for new clients? 

Absolutely! It’s a topic we cover in-depth in week 4 and you’ll have some assignments to do that’ll help you put the theory into practice in your own business. I’ll also give you feedback on what you’re setting up to make sure it’s flawless

Will you help me price and package my services? 

Yup! So many of our students struggle with pricing their services because of imposter syndrome or just not having any idea what businesses are willing to pay for their services. With me you won’t get wishy-washy advice like “charge what you’re worth”. You’ll get a fair pricing strategy based on your experience, clientele and your own income goals 

How active is the Facebook community? 

Super active – this group has become a lifeline to our graduates who sometimes feel alone or isolated working online and from home. That’s why it’s a space where we don’t just talk shop, we connect and make genuine friendships too

I’m already working with some clients – is this for me? 

Lots of our students are working with clients when they first join. But many feel that they’ve hit an income ceiling, they know they want to increase their prices but don’t know how. Many are also working with an agency and want to get their own clients or some students just feel that they need to professionalize their services with better processes and systems. So even if you are currently working with clients you won’t be the only one in that situation in the group 

I’m a total beginner and haven’t worked with clients yet, will this be too advanced for me? 

Nope! The only prerequisite is that you already have an understanding of Pinterest and how it works before you can start offering that service to clients. But we start off right at week 1 with building solid foundations for your business which is the perfect introduction for someone just starting out.

“I have looked at every course, every program and I wasn’t finding what I needed to build my business. Meagan challenges you to go beyond what you think you can do.”