Expert Driven Pinterest Marketing Prompts for ChatGPT

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Did you know that Pinterest is not just a platform for inspiration and recipes anymore, but also a powerful tool to market your business?

With over 463+ million monthly active users and billions of searches every month, Pinterest offers incredible potential to drive traffic, increase brand visibility, and boost conversions.

Pinterest is the quiet search engine marketing superpower you have been looking for. 

As a seasoned Pinterest marketing expert and educator, I have helped thousands of business owners & brands harness the potential of this unique visual platform since 2015. And now, I’m excited to offer you a brand new free resource that will revolutionize your Pinterest copywriting and dramatically reduce the time it takes to market your business on Pinterest. 

Imagine effortlessly creating captivating Pin titles, Pinterest graphic text overlays, and Pin descriptions that resonate with your target audience. Our expert-driven AI prompts provide the guidance you need to craft compelling copy that drives clicks, engages users, and helps you get discovered every single day.

Pinterest is all about discovery

That means using the right keywords and copy to attract the right audience to your Pins

By leveraging the power of AI, you can save time and effort, while maximizing the impact of your time on Pinterest. This free resource equips you with the tools to:

Craft Tailored Pin Titles

Stand out in the crowded Pinterest feed with attention-grabbing titles & hooks that increase engagement, drive more traffic and help the algorithm push you out to a huge audience.

Enhance Your Pinterest Graphic Text Overlay

Who doesn’t think of a beautiful image with text overlay when they think of the Pinterest feed? Your Pinterest Pin text overlay are key for grabbing the attention of Pinners while also telling the algorithm exactly what your content is about.

Create Compelling Pin Descriptions

Drive more organic traffic and boost discoverability with keyword-rich descriptions that highlight the value of your content. Your Pin description copy needs to be clear, concise and keyword rich to help drive more engagement, saves and ultimately traffic.

Generate Action with Persuasive Calls to Value

Craft concise and powerful calls to action that inspire users to take the next step and engage with your brand.

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Hey there, I am Meagan! 

If you’ve been putting Pinterest on the back burner, have been avoiding it, felt that it was too overwhelming or too far outside your comfort zone, you’re in the right place. 

As a visual search engine, your Pinterest copy is the #1 way to being discovered on Pinterest. It’s high time I share my brain with you – to help you craft better Pinterest copy in less time. 

I have helped thousands of business owners and well known brands grow their audience (sales and business too!) using this powerful search platform.

As the founder of Pin Potential (the largest Pinterest marketing membership) and a Pinterest Creator Coach (that’s right, I am trusted by Pinterest themselves!), I share best practices and insider secrets to help you unlock success on the platform. 

Are you my next success story? I hope so!

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