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Hey you.

Yes you. The one with the business that’s levelled out. The one who’s web traffic is plateauing. The one who’s heard of Pinterest, but has yet to harness its power. Or maybe you have tried and it ain’t working.

I’m talking to YOU. Pinterest is POWERFUL. Most of us know that.


So I will.

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First, a Little Background

I was feeling, probably like you are, stuck. I was buried under my client management work, feeling like I had so much knowledge, experience, tips and tricks to share with the world, but feeling bound by my client work workload. I am very good at working one-on-one, and have a reputation for taking businesses to the next level (and beyond), but my reach felt stunted. I have to stagger client starts, my team is small and high touch. Okay, I will just admit it – I am a control freak who doesn’t want to completely let go, so good for my clients,  not always good for my personal life.

In addition to that, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with trying to produce helpful information for people, through the blog and my ebook, then having that information become dated within months. The time and labour of trying to go back and update this published information was the sugar-free, dairy-free icing on the gluten-free cake. In short: Not ideal.

The tricky thing about working in the world of social media is that social is always evolving. We have seen RAPID changes without a short amount of time. So things become outdated or not a one-size fits all very quickly.

I knew there was a need, a big need for teaching business owners how to harness the power of Pinterest themselves. That need combined with my passion to help businesses EXPLODE was frustrating me, because I knew I could help so many more people with the right avenue.

At the end of the summer, I had a social brunch date with another industry expert. And he flat out told me that the only way to solve my business dilemma of teaching and educating in a way that GROWS WITH SOCIAL was to start a membership.

With that, the Pin Potential Membership was born.

What is a Membership?

If you’ve never been in a membership – GREAT QUESTION. I have been a part of membership programs before, and I can say with confidence that once you’ve been part of a membership, you will never go back to learning ANY. OTHER. WAY.

Memberships are learning and working environments that allow you access to resources that only exist within reach of its members. This means you tap into exclusive knowledge that doesn’t exist for anyone outside of the membership. They also come with a built-in community of like-minded fellow members, and are usually led and facilitated by an expert in the field – meaning you have direct access to their expertise. And all of the resources? They are able to evolve and be updated in real time. So you never have to worry that a course you buy in January is going to not grow with social media algorithms updates that happen in March.

In short, memberships are AMAZING. Dynamic, personal and always up to date.

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What’s So Great About the Pin Potential Membership?

Glad you asked!

Pin Potential is heavily geared toward optimizing your Pinterest account and maximizing your web traffic – but that’s not all.

In my years working behind the scenes, helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses (or well-established businesses into bigger well-established businesses), I have met some amazing people who are just spectacular at what they do. And guess what they do? You got it: They use their amazing talents to grow businesses.

Now, I don’t know if it’s that they’re just extra helpful, or it’s my winning personality, but many of my amazingly, talented friends have agreed to join me, and help you build and grow your business through avenues you may have never even considered.

Pin Potential is about growing your businesses as well as mastering Pinterest, in a very tangible, executable way.

What Am I Getting Myself Into if I Join?

I know that signing up for something new can be a little daunting. So let me spell it out to you as best I can.

The Pin Potential Framework

  • Guest Expert Masterclass Trainings (you get access to my wide network of amazing business people who know their stuff!!!)
  • Monthly Group Drop-In Office Hours (have a question for me? Come have coffee with me and pick my brain!)
  • Live Copy Clinics to gets hands on support with your Pins!
  • Exclusive training from Tailwind staff
  • Two months of Tailwind for FREE for new Tailwind members (value of over $30 or two months)
  • Full access to all my Pinterest resources such as account review, guides on image creation and all webinars
  • Pinterest image templates and stock photography resources (valued over $60)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group & Tailwind Community Access (this extra special community is where all the fun stuff happens)
  • Additional webinars, resources and tips for running your online business

The best part? All of the resources are available to you ALL THE TIME, and they are perpetually current! I always suggest you schedule some time to work on this, and the flexibility offered in a membership really lends itself to optimal learning, because it takes into account your busy schedule as an entrepreneur (and human). Can’t make a live webinar? No problem, you can view it later on the membership site! Can’t remember the blog post where I talked about Pinterest Templates? Just check under the resource section of your membership dashboard! You get the idea.

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The Importance of Community in Online Learning

While I consider myself to be knowledgeable in all things Pinterest, and many of my Masterclass guests, to be the best at what they do, nothing beats a community of like minded people when it comes to learning. We are all there to learn and help each other be more successful.

The truth is, it’s been awhile since I started out. And it’s easy to forget every single question I had when first casting my eyes over the great terrain of Pinterest. That’s where the community comes in.

When you ask a question in our Facebook community, you’re not only going to hear from me. You’ll get a few, supportive, great-question-I was-wondering-the-same-thing-s from your fellow community members. You’ll also get very current, this-is-how-I-overcame-this-same-problem-s, and maybe even some, I-never-thought-about-that-you-genius-es! The Facebook group will be very closely monitored by moi, and you can trust that I won’t let any of the answers provided go unseen, or steer you wrong.

The best part of a community is knowing that you’re not out there doing this alone. You’re not the only one struggling. And we will all understand the depth of your triumphs! Maybe your successful Promoted Pin Campaign story won’t get the response you’re looking for when shared over dinner with your friends or family, but you bring that same story to our community? WE ALL GET IT, and we will all let you know.

Learning in a community environment will add depth and bring an irreplaceable sense of support as you go through the process of growing your business. You’ll be surrounded by people who truly understand what you’re going through, and you’ll share and hear stories of struggles and triumphs that will bring you into the fold and nurture you as you continue on this journey.


Oh boy, we’d love to have you. But just like your Pinterest account, we want this membership to grow organically and have all the water and sunshine it needs. For that reason, the doors are not open all the time. If you love the sounds of my Pinterest membership, I want you to get your name on the wait list so you can hear as soon as the doors open again!

JOIN THE WAITLIST for my Pinterest Membership here so you get an email as soon as the doors open!

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