Why You Need A Pinterest Marketing Funnel

There are few things more frustrating than putting hours and hours (and more hours) of work into a marketing sales funnel that falls flat and it won’t perform how you hope or know it can when you try to apply what you know about your marketing on other platforms, Pinterest marketing is different. Keep reading to find out why you need a unique Pinterest marketing funnel, how to build your Pinterest sales funnel so that it converts, and how to get your amazing offer in front of the the huge audience that is spending time on Pinterest. Marketing on Pinterest requires a different approach and I am going to be sharing with you how to tweak your current digital marketing funnel to convert your Pinterest audience.

Pinterest Marketing | Adapt Your Marketing Plan For This Planning Platform

If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I teach and share valuable tips about running Pinterest ads for your business or blog. In my work, I have been running Promoted Pin ad campaigns for a variety of clients and have learned an incredible amount about how to run a successful Pinterest ad campaign. Working with clients from a variety of industries, niches and services – I have learned that one size does not fit all when it comes to your marketing on Pinterest. I have some hard truths to be sharing with you about running paid advertising on Pinterest.

What you know about Facebook and Instagram ads isn’t going to work on Pinterest

That’s right, take a deep breath, allow yourself a little cringe and get ready for this truth bomb: Pinterest needs its own, custom marketing funnel. Before you freak out that this sounds like *more* work, don’t worry. I am going to teach you what you need to know about Pinterest as a marketing tool and why that matters when it comes to your Pinterest marketing sales funnel. Stick with me to learn why.

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Creating A Unique Pinterest Marketing Funnel Is Crucial To Your Success Marketing on Pinterest

To TRULY understand why Pinterest ads are different, you have to get a handle on the concept of marketing on Pinterest and why it cannot be treated like other social media platforms. Pinterest users are in discovery mode. They are searching for information, and are literally building collections of ideas and solutions.  Speaking to your audience while they are in the “gather” stage of planning, means you are reaching them when they are the most receptive to new ideas, products and solutions.

Pinterest is a planning platform, know that users are in discovery mode and needing/wanting and receptive to your messages.

Truly. I know this sounds a little confusing but the leads and traffic you generate from Pinterest are what I can (very fancy name here): a cold WARM audience. The audience on Pinterest is in a different mindset than most other social media users/audiences. The difference between a lead developed on Pinterest, is that these people are LOOKING for ideas and solutions.

The beautiful thing about Pinterest ads is that traffic is warmed up – they are SEARCHING and wanting to find your information BUT they have NO idea who you are.  Slight problem right? Next we will get into how to tell them who you are, using a Pinterest-minded marketing sales funnel, in the most effective way and how to convert all that traffic coming into your business using Pinterest. If you want to learn more about running Pinterest ads for your business, sign up for my free workshop below!

Setting Up Your Pinterest Marketing Funnel For Success

Pinterest users coming to your business are warmed up, but they aren’t so quick to pass over their email addresses to gain access to a content upgrade or to make a higher ticket purchase right away. They are a tougher sell. Remember they are interested but still PLANNING so aren’t necessarily ready to make a decision or ‘sure’ about your offer. Leads from Pinterest are weary of just handing over their personal information. So a simple landing page with one blurb about your freebie plus the information boxes? NOPE. Not going to convert. Doing this is a waste of money on Pinterest.

You: So what should I do instead?
Me: Set-up unique landing pages that are designed for Pinterest users with their needs in mind.

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How to Create an Optimized Pinterest Marketing Funnel

Know The Pinterest Mindset

Remember when I said these people are in the “gather” stage of planning? It’s true. We aren’t dropping an ad in front of an unsuspecting audience and relying on an impulsive moment to get people to buy what you’re selling. These people are in research mode – so make sure your landing page gives them a lot to research.

Plan Your Pinterest Funnel With Your Ideal Audience In Mind
Put your empathy hat on: It’s time to try on a lot of other people’s shoes. The reason people keep coming back to the platform is because Pinterest is SO focused on the user experience. There is nothing random about your Pinterest feed – it’s all geared toward your interests. Using Pinterest for marketing only works when you put the end users needs first.

What is your audience searching for? What are their interests? Think like your potential customer before you try to speak to them. If you are struggling with putting yourself in your audiences’ shoes, learn some questions to ask to kickstart your research.

Entice Them With a Great Pin
Think of the types of people that will be drawn to your content, and make your Pins for them. Of course, keep your branding in place, but think about what types of images draw these people in. What will make your Pin stand out in a sea of solutions for these people? Literally imagine looking at their feeds, and design a Pin that speaks your offer loud and clear in a way that makes these people want to click. Need help designing Pins that get clicks? Search over: head here to learn what your creative should look like on Pinterest.

Keywords Are KEY to Reaching Your People
You have the perfect Pin that you know is going to draw your ideal audience in – now how do we get it in front of the right people? Pinterest keyword research is the key to calling the right people into your content marketing funnel. 

Not sure how to do Pinterest keyword research? It can be as simple as thinking of what people will type into a search bar when looking for your content. Beef it up with by searching the terms yourself in a Pinterest or Google search bar and noting the suggested searches.

Once you have a list of relevant Pinterest keywords and keyword phrases, organically place them in your Pin descriptions. The point here isn’t to hide them and sneak in a back door – we are literally trying to help the right people find your Pins. So give them what they’re searching for in your Pin descriptions so that when they read your Pin, the caption resonates with them.

Make Your Landing Page a Continuation of the Pinterest User Experience
When someone is in Pinterest mode, they are researching. They are receptive to searching for the best answer, and the truth is, Pinterest offers a lot of answers. So entice them with a great Pin, but then commit to taking your reader who is already riding the research wave, and smoothly transition them to your own research wave, by bringing that Pinterest vibe to your landing page.

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How to Make A Landing Page Geared Your Audience Coming From Pinterest

My best advice is to view or perceive your landing pages like a blog post. Like I’ve said a million times before, Pinterest users are in a different mindset: They are researching solutions to their problems. So give them something to learn, research, provide context.

Here are some points to consider when planning, building and reviewing your landing page for your Pinterest traffic:

  • Have you kept the research flame alive? Pinterest users need to know more information than other audiences because Pinterest users are in discovery mode. These users are not afraid of long landing pages.
  • Have you provided them with enough context and information about WHY they should sign up for your freebie or make a purchase from you?
  • Have you included enough information to help them make a decision on whether they want to join your email list or view you as trustworthy?
  • Are you showing up? Is your page relatable? Does it share who you are, and establish Like-KNOW-Trust for your readers? 
  • When it comes to email subscribers, are you keeping the bigger picture in mind? Your audience is. Remember: These people aren’t just signing up for the freebie, they are signing up to let you into their inboxes for the foreseeable future. Does your page give them a reason?
  • Does the page capture your brand? You are just introducing yourself to these new potential customers. They need to learn more before they make a decision about your email list, product or service.
  • Does your page offer enough foreplay before going for the sale? Don’t try to sell to them immediately – these people are not in impulse buying mode. Nobody wants a cold, hasty pitch, especially Pinterest users.

The Next Step In Converting Your Leads

Now that you have convinced them to sign up for your amazing email list, you have to win ’em over. This is another huge mistake folks make when they set up their marketing funnels for their small businesses. They put all their time and energy into creating a beautiful product or resource then ghost once the subscriber decides to join your email list!

BIG MISTAKE. Don’t do this please!!!

Set up those email sequences. Remember when I mentioned LIKE-KNOW-TRUST? Well establishing like-know-trust is best done in an intimate spot where you can continue the conversion and in my mind one of the best ways to do that is with your email marketing.

Setting up an email marketing sequence that continues the conversion from your content marketing (blog post/landing page) is a genius well to continue to share information with your audience, establish authority, let them into your world and ultimately, build trust with them. I actually recently shared my favorite email marketing tool here. Please don’t forget, your leads from Pinterest want to learn about you – who you are – what makes you different and what you can teach them about.

Stop Losing Traffic: Create Your Pinterest Sales Funnel

Designing a digital marketing funnel with Pinterest in mind doesn’t just make sense, it makes cents. You have access to the world’s most receptive audience – don’t waste your sales mojo on them by spitting short, thoughtless pitches at them! Give them what they’re looking for: Lots of information, lots of reasons to sign up/make the purchase, and nurture that trust.

Marketing with Pinterest is wonderful for brand awareness and discoverability – so consider that as part of your sales funnel. Remember that user experience is KEY. Take the Pinterest user from the platform they know and trust, and guide them into your world – don’t disrupt the transition with a jarring change of experience. Build on the comfortable Pinterest user experience with a familiar experience of your own.


In case it isn’t apparent yet, I love Pinterest, and I want you to too! But as Pinterest continues to evolve and change, it becomes impossible to produce timeless content that remains true over time. Hop onto my email list to gain access to my regular tips and strategies for using Pinterest marketing to grow your business and create more freedom in your business. Let’s do as Pinterest wants us to do and do MORE living and LESS working!

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