A 5-day course to kickstart your Pinterest Management business


Streamline your business strategy, find clients, and grow your business with this 5-day essentials training for Pinterest Managers

Are you ready to create a thriving business with Pinterest, but not sure where to start? Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a kick-start for your Pinterest Management business!

Our Pinterest Manager Essentials course is specifically designed to shortcut your early days as a new or aspiring Pinterest Manager, Pinterest Strategist or Pinterest VA. We know that it can be difficult to know HOW to actually start your business.

Over 5 days, we offer clear, actionable teachings and strategies to cut through the confusion and overwhelm. This course equips you with practical skills and industry insights, setting you up to confidently attract clients and effectively grow your business as soon as possible. 

The video training sessions are short, actionable and give you the road-map you need to set up a successful and thriving Pinterest management business.

Kickstart your business with the Pinterest Manager Essentials and:

"It's a Game Changer" and other real customer feedback

Lisa Adele

I definitely feel like I’m on the fast-track vs if I had tried to figure it out by myself. This is a fantastic opportunity if you want to start your own Pinterest biz!


Hawa Ahmed

The Pinterest Manager Essentials course is better than any course I’ve taken before. I’m patiently waiting for Pin Potential to open.


Christina Willis

THE BEST money I EVER spent on myself & my future


Cathy Heflin

Highly recommend! Meagan Williamson is a great teacher and this course gives you just what you need to start your own Pinterest service business. Worth the investment in yourself!



to info@meaganwilliamson.com

I feel like this course could have been the only Pinterest Management course I needed. Despite having my business set up and taking many other courses, I decided to give it a shot because I’ve been following Meagan for a while, and she didn’t disappoint.

Even with my business in place, I learned so much valuable stuff from Meagan. She summarized what I learned in many courses into 5 hours! The course boosted my confidence and helped me perfect my business. I now trust that I’m on the right path, and Meagan’s endorsement reassures me.

I had been stalling on taking action and finding clients, but Meagan gave me the push and confidence to dream big. Her business coaching gems were heartwarming, showing how much she cares for her students.

This course has not only boosted my confidence but also helped improve my business. I know how to further improve it when the time comes. If you do the daily homework and watch the videos, you can absolutely launch your business in 5 days.

All this value-packed content is available for $197

A one-time investment in your business and future.

What’s inside our fast-paced bootcamp:

Day 1: Pinterest Manager Foundations & Laying the Groundwork

Understand your role, set competitive pricing, and manage your time effectively.

Day 2: Build a Solid Foundation

Navigate legalities, set up efficient business infrastructure, and master client acquisition techniques.

Day 3: Client Relationship Mastery

Enhance your communication, manage expectations, and foster lasting client connections.

Day 4: Marketing and Branding Your Business

Craft a unique personal brand, define your selling points, and excel in content marketing.

Day 5: Scaling Your Business

Learn about advanced time management, taking on more clients, pricing strategies, and financial planning.

Additional Bonus Resources, Tools, and Tips for how to build a business you love.

Tasks & Homework assigned each day (to get more done!)

Imagine where you could be just one week from now – more knowledgeable, more confident, and fully equipped to start taking on more clients.

Hey there, I’m Meagan

I teach online business owners how to harness the power of Pinterest to grow their audience and visibility and have done so for over 5 years.

So, if you’ve been putting Pinterest on the back burner, have been avoiding it, felt that it was too overwhelming or too far outside your comfort zone, you’re in the right place.

Through my templates, swipe files and resources, you’ll save time and shortcut your way to Pinterest growth and success for your digital products.