This Pinterest Hack Is Going To Save You TIME

Sometimes Pinterest rolls out updates and everyone groans. Like a collective “whattttt the sweet hell is this” groan. I actually shared some important Pinterest strategy updates last week. As online business owners, we have to keep up with so many updates on all of the social media channels and it can be a HUGE headache. But I want to remind everyone to breathe and know that sometimes, these updates are super helpful. Case in point, what I will call the Pinterest One-Click Ponies. Okay, technically one of the words is a compound word, but you know what I’m getting at. Plus, the pun is gold. Am I right? Pinterest recently rolled out a sweet, time-saving feature for those of us that use Pinterest for Business – learn how to use this little Pinterest hack to save yourself a BUNDLE of time. I will walk you through this awesome little trick along with some other basic Pinterest tips that make your content easier to pin! 

The Pinterest Browser Extension Update That Will Save You Time

This little nugget does more than just help you save Pins. It allows you to select the text you’d like to save as the Pin description and adds it to the Pin for you. RIGHT? That means, no more coming up with a clever way to describe a Pin OR using the default. Gone are the days of editing, copying and pasting! Here are the days of a quick highlight, button push and BAM, before you know it, you’ve saved the perfect Pin and you barely had to lift a finger. How great is this?! Especially for when you’re uploading your content to Pinterest and want to vary the descriptions.

Here is the step by step about how to use the Pinterest Pinterest Browser Extension and capture what text you want as the Pin Description:

  • Install the Pinterest “Pin It” button in your browser (you gotta do this!)
  • Now head to the website or blog that you want to save from (likely your own), and simply highlight the text you’d like to feature in the Pin
  • Then click the Pin It browser extension button
  • This will bring you to a page where you can select the image you want to save to Pinterest
  • In your Pin preview, you’ll see the text you highlighted as the Pin description.

Step by step Pinterest hack. A pictograph of how to use the Pinterest browser extension.

And it’s as easy as that. RIGHT? So this makes life so much easier when we want to use text that we have already written in the blog post or vary our pin descriptions to increase rich or keyword richness. So so great. Also amazing if you are pinning products that you sell! 

In my travels as a Pinterest Consultant, I encounter a huge amount of websites/blogs. I always scan the website for a few crucial features to see how “Pinterest” friendly it is. I am shocked when I see that websites or blogs don’t make it easy for their readers to save their content to Pinterest for later. That is how Pinterest originally evolved – a place for us to store ideas, images, inspiration online for later… But somehow, we have forgotten that. Here is how you can make your website or blog more Pinterest friendly.

Text Image: Are you using this Pinterest hack? How to save time when saving your content to Pinterest.

The Pinterest Save Button

As a business or content creator, it is absolutely critical that you have the Pinterest Save button on your website. But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it (even though you should) – here’s what Pinterest had to say about it.

“The Save button is a must-have for your website. It increases saves up to 5x by making it easier, faster and more intuitive for people to save your content to Pinterest.”

When you install the Save button, it allows your readers to save your content directly to their Pinterest boards by clicking on any of the images on your page. It also allows you to track what your users love most, and the ease of it all will increase the amount of your content that gets saved to Pinterest.

Look at how MyDomaine nails it.

The Pinterest Follow Button

You know the old saying, “good things come in threes?” Well, in the world of streamlining/simplifying your Pinterest experience for you and your readers, the saying holds true.

The Pinterest Follow button makes it easy for your readers to “follow” you on Pinterest. Now, one click on your website will transform your readers into Pinterest followers, allowing them to see and share all of your Pins, which will give you more visibility. I know this seems like a no-brainer to some folks but it is becoming more and more common that I visit a website that I found via Google, another social media platform or word of month and then I cannot find their Pinterest accounts! If I find you via other means and like your content, I wanna follow you on Pinterest for more ideas! 

Adding these three simple buttons to your life will pay quick dividends in time-saving, growing your reader base, and increasing your Pinterest presence. All at the push of a button. Yes, I went there.

For even more Pinterest hacks, check out my recent blog post, 7 Time-Saving Pinterest Tools That I Love.

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  1. Ok, this Pinterest Hack sounds amazing!!! This is going to save me a TON of time, as I always like to copy and paste direct quotes from blog posts to my pin descriptions! Thank you so so much for sharing, Meagan! 😀

    • Ah I am so glad it is helpful Sarah!!! Going to save us pinners so much time in the long run and lets us vary pin descriptions easily! YAY!


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