Pin it to Win it: A Guide to Becoming a Pinterest Manager

We’ve been talking a lot about how to make money using Pinterest lately on the blog! If you’ve been following along, you’ve already learned about how to use this social media platform to your advantage. Maybe you’ve even started pinning to drive traffic to your blog posts, affiliate links, or digital products, and you’re starting to get some traction. If so, you’re using social media SEO and figuring out how to read and utilize your Pinterest analytics. Even if you are just in the reading-and-following-along stage, you can see that it takes a LOT of time to manage a Pinterest business account properly! And this is where you might see another opportunity for using your newfound knowledge to create another income stream for yourself: learn how to become a Pinterest manager. 

In today’s online environment, so many individuals and online business owners are aware of how powerful a visual search engine like Pinterest can be for increasing sales, website traffic, and clicks. But many people just do not have the time to manage their account to maximize its potential. This means there are many people looking for a Pinterest expert to manage it for them.  And YOU can be that expert! If you are willing to patiently build your skills and experience, in just a few months you can hang out your shingle as a freelance Pinterest manager for hire! And I can help you get there. 

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Is a Pinterest manager a real job?

Maybe you’ve read this far and you’re getting excited. But that little voice in your head is telling you this good idea is just too good to be true. Well guess what? I’m standing here as living proof that yes indeed, being a Pinterest manager is definitely a real job! I am honored to call this my full-time gig. I’m even more honored that I get to teach others how to make it work for them too. I started the same way many of you are probably starting: I had my own account. I loved exploring different strategies and tactics and measuring the impact they had on growing an audience.

This little side hobby started gaining major traction. Other creators and businesses noticed the growth I cultivated in a relatively short period of time on Pinterest, and I began receiving inquiries about managing Pinterest accounts. This is how my coaching business was born. You can read more about how I got started and what I do now right here!  So, if you are willing to put time into creating your own successful Pinterest presence, there is absolutely no reason you cannot make this into a part-or full-time career too. 

What does a Pinterest manager do? 

Have I peaked your interest? I hope so! Let me explain exactly what a Pinterest manager does! Then you can decide if this career might be a good fit for you. So, what would you actually be doing for your Pinterest clients? You would be managing the day-to-day stuff that goes on behind the scenes at Pinterest. This way your clients can focus on what they actually DO for a living.

So, if your clients are content creators, vendors, or bloggers, they can focus on those tasks while you take care of Pin design and creation, scheduling, pinning, keyword research, etc. If you are already doing these tasks for your own account and seeing some success, why not try it for others and use your social media management skills to make a little extra money on the side? And if your side hustle works well, you might even think about transitioning to a career as a full-time Pinterest manager. 

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Here are some examples of tasks you might be asked to complete and basic skills you would be expected to have:

1. Know how to create a Pinterest business account

This is crucial to using Pinterest for marketing purposes. This is the only account that allows rich Pins (more detailed descriptions) and links of all kinds. Your client might hand you the reins at the very beginning of their Pinterest journey and say “you do it!” So, you need to know where to start from the very beginning. 

2. Have a good understanding of SEO and keywords for Pinterest 

The whole point of your involvement is to maximize your clients’ visibility on the Pinterest platform, so you MUST know a bit about SEO and how to use it to get Pins noticed and create optimized Pinterest profiles and images.

3. Know how to design and create a good Pin 

Does this sound scary? It’s not! Get yourself a Canva account and start playing around with templates. Look at what other people are doing on the platform too! You will figure it out really fast, I promise. And if you start with your own account, there is no pressure to perform right away. See what you can do for yourself before offering this as a new service. 

5. Know how Pinterest boards work

Your clients will most likely expect you to create quality Pinterest boards as well as find and participate in other group boards.

4. Schedule and post Pins

This might be one of the most important and common jobs you will be asked to do by your new clients! Figuring out the best time of day to post pins and scheduling them accordingly (and using automated schedulers like Tailwind) are things your clients will be so happy to get off their plates. 

5. Track and interpret Pinterest analytics 

You will be responsible for finding out what your clients’ goals are and using their analytics data to see what they need to improve on to reach them. Does your client want to drive more traffic to their blog? Or, do they want to sell a digital product in their Etsy store? You will use your knowledge of Pinterest marketing to support them and help them reach their goals, whatever they are.

How do I get started? 

If you are thinking you would like to give this a try but are unsure how to get started,  I have good news for you! The best way to start is to just keep doing what you’re doing. In other words, do what I did: get better at managing your own account first! Figure out the best way to reach your target audience and increase your own brand awareness using search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Create a Pinterest strategy that works for you and your business. Set and reach specific new marketing goals. Increase your number of Pinterest followers. Create a new and attractive Pin every time you come up with another good idea for how to drive traffic to your own business website. Get a handle on what makes for good Pin descriptions.

Once you have demonstrated that you understand the entire process of how to be successful on the Pinterest platform, you can approach your first client with proof that you are a good Pinterest manager who would bring value to their business.

The beauty of this approach is that all you have to do to prove you are a good Pinterest manager is BE a good manager. Once you get your own account to a successful place that you are proud to show off, you can use that as all the proof you need to start presenting yourself to new clients. And of course, this method means nothing is wasted. Focusing on increasing the success of your marketing techniques will bring you more business in the sense that your own affiliate links, digital products, and re-pinning stats will increase. AND, you will be building a portfolio to present yourself to future clients. Once you convince a new client to sign on with you and do the same for them, you will find your skills to be in high demand sooner than you think! 

So, how do you get in to Pinterest management? 

OK, let’s break this down into actionable steps! The way to become a Pinterest manager is simper than you think. 

1. Open a Pinterest business account 

Let’s start at the very beginning, shall we? The first thing you need to do is start your own business account from which to prove your success.  Maybe you’ve already got one going and are seeing a reasonable amount of success. Great! If not, don’t worry! You can start right now.

2. Build your experience using your own account 

Keep in mind all the tasks we looked at previously in this post. Pretend you are your own client and work hard at gaining knowledge in these areas and putting it into practice. This is a great way to learn with no pressure, since the only person you are experimenting with is yourself. 

3. Be patient

This last one is key! You will not build enough experience or solid results in a couple of weeks to confidently offer your Pinterest management services to potential clients. Plan to spend at least six months playing with strategy, learning how to properly use SEO and create Pin descriptions that deliver. At this point you will have a Pinterest account to show off to potential clients that means something. 

Need more help? 

Are you still feeling overwhelmed about the process of becoming a Pinterest manager? Give your confidence and skill levels a boost with my Pinterest Managers Essentials Bootcamp! This is a beginners online course that is ideal for anyone with no clients (yet!) or only a few clients. It’s also perfect if you have taken a course elsewhere and feel like you didn’t get enough info to get your business off the ground. When you sign up you get: 

  • 5 actionable training sessions (shared over 5 days)
  • Tasks + homework assigned each day (best way to learn!)
  • A kick-start for your Pinterest management business

If you’re ready to be a confident and successful Pinterest manager, sign up for my course today!

I hope this post has convinced you that a new career in the Pinterest services world is within your reach. If you are willing to put the time and effort in, there’s nothing you can’t do! I hope to see you in my Bootcamp and cheer you on along the way. 

Happy pinning!

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