How To Create Pins That Attract, Grow + Convert Your Audience

You know your audience is on Pinterest

But your Pins are getting little or no clicks, saves or engagements.

This totally FREE guide shows you step-by-step how to create optimized Pins that will drive MORE traffic to your site and HELP YOU GROW YOUR PINTEREST AUDIENCE RIGHT AWAY. 

From Image Pins to Video Pins – we are covering ALL the Pins that you need to convert your audience on Pinterest. 

No need to waste precious time and money

The Perfect Pins Guide shows you the most important aspects of optimizating your content for Pinterest, including…

  • The #1 tried and true rule for  stopping people in their scroll!

  • The ratio & size you need to stick to so that every one of your Pins looks incredible and is optimized for performance on the platform (including Idea Pins, Standard Pins & Video Pins)

  • The top copy tip you need to know that will get your products and content seen and pull in your next ideal customer or reader

  • My actual #1 secret weapon that will take your Pinterest game to the next level (seriously)

  • And more…

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So, if you’ve been putting Pinterest on the back burner, have been avoiding it, felt that it was too overwhelming or too far outside your comfort zone, you’re in the right place.

As a visual search engine, your Pin designs are the #1 way to being discovered on Pinterest. I am spilling my secrets with you!

I have helped hundreds of business owners and well known brands grow their audience (sales and business too!) using this powerful platform.

As the founder of Pin Potential (the largest Pinterest marketing membership) and a Pinterest Creator Coach (that’s right, I am trusted by Pinterest themselves!), I share best practices and insider secrets to help you unlock success on the platform. 

Are you my next success story? I hope so! 

Let’s do this!

Let's do this!


Let’s get Pinterest marketing OFF your to-do list… now!

This guide removes all of the guesswork and gives you the step by step actions you need to take to make better, optimized Pinterest graphics for your biz.
Stop wasting your time and spending hours in Canva just for your Pins to go NOWHERE!


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