How To Name Your Pinterest Boards

Sometimes the most simple questions about Pinterest are the most difficult to answer. On a regular basis, I get asked how to name your Pinterest boards. Naming your Pinterest boards shouldn’t require too much thought but it seems to be something that stumps most business users. Today I am sharing my simple approach to how to name your Pinterest boards to position yourself well for search.

It is not rocket science, naming your boards should only take you a short amount of time but is an one time effort that pays off! So take the time to learn how to name your Pinterest boards and position yourself for growth on Pinterest. Now let’s get down to how to do it!

Pick Your Board Category

The first step to naming your Pinterest boards is to know what Pinterest category your desired topic area is going to fall under. There are 32 categories currently available for your board to fit within on Pinterest. From this very large topic area, we want to narrow things down to be more specific WITHIN that category. For example, maybe you want to have a board about bathroom inspiration and renovations. This falls under the “home decor” category on Pinterest.

Text image: 5 Things you should do when naming your Pinterest boards. 1. Pick your category. 2. Narrow down your topic. 3. Search top keywords. 4. Add personalization. 5. Utilize sections for organization.

Narrow Your Idea Down To A Topic Area

So once you have narrowed down your topic to a more concise concept within the home decor category, such as bathroom inspiration, you need to consider search. Naming your boards so that they are searchable is key for the Pinterest algorithm. Using the bathroom example, let’s take a quick look at what Pinterest predicts when we pop in bathroom. These were the top predicted search terms: bathroom ideas, bathroom decor, bathroom, bathroom remodel and bathroom organization. Based on that information I would suggest that you pick a board topic area that is either one of these exact terms OR a personalized variation of one of these terms.

Keep Top Keywords in Mind and Add Personalization

Using my own Pinterest account as an example, I always start my board titles off with “heart _____”. Using my thematic approach, I would suggest naming your board “heart bathroom ideas” or “heart bathroom decor”. I have also seen some users use a visual thematic pattern like //bathroom decor// or BATHROOM IDEAS.

One of the major benefits of having a keyword friendly board title is that Pinterest should and will send you more users if your board titles match the content curated. I often recommend to users to update their board titles to be consistent and to make sure the board names reflect what content is shared on the board. It is part of my core optimization recommendations.

Text image: The best way to name your Pinterest Boards. 5 easy tips on

Take Advantage of Sections

Pinterest recently rolled out the sections organization option which is an amazing feature that allows you to break down larger topics into niche sections within a board. Since it is relatively new, we are all still learning about this new feature but I love that it allows you to organize your ideas under an umbrella term. It also eliminates the concern of creating a niche board that has limited content on it. Applying this feature to our above example, sections would allow you to create as many sections under the board title “heart bathroom ideas” as you want. Under bathroom inspiration, you could create sections called: bathroom decor, bathroom organization, bathroom cleaning tips,  bathroom tile ideas, bathroom colors, bathroom hardware and so on.

The sections feature is especially cool for planning as Pinterest suggests. It allows you to branch out and include every facet of an idea and to keep your inspiration neatly organized. This would be amazing for wedding planning, color inspiration or renovation planning. Applying it to the online entrepreneur or blogging world, under the board topic of blogging tips, you could house all things related to blogging (Facebook tips, Instagram tips, productivity tips, etc). Want to see some examples of Sections in action? Check out this Group Board, this marketing board or this wedding inspiration board. I cannot wait to see how this new feature plays out over time.

Image of woman typing on laptop, viewing Pinterest. Text: Harness the power of Pinterest. What to consider when naming your Pinterest boards.

3 thoughts on “How To Name Your Pinterest Boards”

  1. Thank you for the quick and easy tips for Naming Your Pinterest Boards. I am not tech savvy and little easy tips and tricks to do makes it manageable for me to tackle the Pinterest arena.

  2. Now that sections have been around a while, do you think they work for business? Or more for personal? I have had a personal Pinterest account for many years and recently switched to a business account. So much to learn! I’m using your toolkit (it’s great) but feeling overwhelmed all the sudden with what boards to have, what to keep hidden, and how to organize. I see strong business accounts have tens and tens of specific boards not sections. I had read somewhere that sections weren’t great for business accounts because they need an extra click.


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