My Number One Pinterest Tip

I was speaking to a friend/social media manager recently, sharing tried and true tips and tricks for managing the different social platforms. When Pinterest inevitably came up, she just said, “And Pinterest? Well Pinterest is its own beast.” I want to share my number one Pinterest tip that I share with all my clients and online pals today. 

It’s true. Pinterest is a BEAST. It’s its own thing, unlike any other platform out there. It’s a beast to tame too, but once you do, it becomes a different type of beast altogether, driving unbelievably high levels of traffic to blogs and websites. In short, it’s a beast worth taming.

Why You Should Invest In Pinterest

For most Pinterest for Business users, the primary goal is to promote your products, website, blog, or whatever the bread and butter of your business is. Some service folks are looking for client leads, lots of users are looking to grow their email list with Pinterest.  Finding the balance between curating great content, and pushing your own product can take some time to master, which is probably why so many of my clients ask, “How can I get the most bang for my buck with my own content?”

I’m also frequently asked this question by people who are just starting out with their online business – shop owners, bloggers who are just starting or even some folks who just don’t have time to blog regularly (we all have a million things on our work to-do lists these days don’t we?). 

Psst … Over here … I have the answer and it’s eeeeeasy. Okay so here it is, my number one Pinterest tip…..

The answer is: create multiple Pinterest lead images for every post/page/product you’ve got.

You heard me. So that one pin leading to that one blog post that you keep pinning over and over again? Well the needle isn’t moving because all your followers (and their followers) have all seen it. Been there, done that. Why would we pin it again? We want fresh content. 

In short, you can Pin as many links to the same post, site or whatever. What does this do? It diversifies your visual content, it widens your net for other pinners who want to repin content but don’t want to keep pinning the same image over and over again of yours AND you know what, sometimes it just comes down to visuals. Maybe you created 2 pins – one is bold and dark in colors and the other is white and bright. Some users will want to repin the one that is bright and white while others will want to repin the darker one. It is like opening up a shop and offering a VARIETY of ice cream flavors. You are opening the doors to a wider audience. 

The last reason why creating new lead images is important? You can FRESHEN up old EVERGREEN content with a new lead image. Yes Google loves ya more when you are blogging regularly, we all know that. BUT it isn’t always practical. So instead of going out and spending HOURS writing a new blog post, spend time creating new Pinterest images for old content. This is especially true for seasonal content. Your existing content is still amazing but maybe we have already seen your original Pinterest image like a 100 times… So mix it up a little, create a few new images. Maybe you rebranded anyways!



If you set aside 20 minutes each week to make some new and interesting lead images for your posts, you’ll be able to produce new Pins much faster than you will be able to produce brand new content. 


When you run out of compelling images of your own (we aren’t all gifted photographers after all), there is no shame in going to a free stock photo site like Pexels to search for something related to your content. Of course you’ll have more variety to choose from if you pay for your images, but hey, either works! 


If you’re going to go to the trouble of making in a Pin, make it great! Your goal with the image is to pull the viewer to your content, so tell them what they’re getting all in one shot, while making it look good. Making an awesome Pin isn’t some secret method only shared among famous bloggers! Pinterest will tell you exactly how to do it!

text on image


I know, I know. I talk about Tailwind all the time, but only because it’s A-MA-ZING! Our friends over at Tailwind told us that “any time you schedule a Pin from Tailwind, it is a fresh save, and not a repin.” Are you kidding me?  This means that through Tailwind, if you schedule some of your best Pins of the past in Tailwind today, when they’re saved to your account they will count as new Pins!

Sigh, it’s like magic. But easier … and less creepy.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to create new Pins for your content. Pinterest favours the accounts that play by the rules, and rewards them. It’s also a great idea to have multiple Pins leading to the same content, because different images or catch phrases, speak to different people.

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  1. Great tip! I need to make sure that my pins are leading directly to products and posts on my site and not just to my site in general. It may sound obvious but I’m new to Pinterest for business and not sure I’m doing that right.


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