How to use Chatgpt for Pinterest Marketing

Have you heard of ChatGPT? It’s been making waves in the marketing world over the last year and it seems like everyone is talking about using Artificial Intelligence (or AI) to make life easier. The big question on everyone’s mind is, will it replace jobs? Will it take over our lives? The short answer is no, but it can definitely help increase your productivity and save you time but you need to know HOW to use it to get the most out of it without sounding like a robot. I keep being asked if ChatGPT can be used to help you with Pinterest – and the answer is yes – but like many marketing tasks, it requires a guide. An informed guide. Today we are diving into how to use ChatGPT with Pinterest – a simple guide to what you need to know. Truly this blog post will help you no matter what Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tool you prefer. I talk about ChatGPT as it tends to be more widely available for the time being. This industry is moving fast though so I cannot wait to see how things evolve.

What is chatgpt exactly?

ChatGPT is a type of language model developed by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research organization. It is based on a neural network architecture that uses deep learning algorithms to analyze and understand natural language patterns. That sounds complicated doesn’t it? Let’s try to understand how it works so we can make sense of how to use it to assist us with our marketing efforts.

ChatGPT works by processing large amounts of text data from the internet and other sources to learn about language patterns and relationships between words, phrases, and sentences. It then uses this knowledge to generate new, coherent text based on a given prompt or input. What that means is that it will go out and find text and pull that in to answer your question or prompt. You can see why so many people are rather worried about how this could be problematic. I don’t want to shock you, but I remember when Google and search queries were introduced. Many of the same worries and concerns were shared. How would be discern good from bad? How would we prevent plagiarism? How do we know if the answers provided are accurate? These are all questions we need to be asking.

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According to ChatGPT itself, we can “train” it to give us better results. You can give it more information and in fact, train it to sound like you, evolve its answers to be suited to your unique business and so forth. Training ChatGPT involves feeding it with text based information from a variety of sources, such as books, websites, and social media captions. This allows the model to learn and recognize patterns and relationships between words and phrases.. By now, you may have seen some advocates of ChatGPT talking about how you have to give it specific information so that it is in turn, able to produce higher quality output or responses to you. Sounds great right? Well it is, but like many things, we have to know its strengths and limitations as technology.

Now let’s talk about using ChatGPT for marketing and social media, that’s that’s my area of expertise is social media education and realities is, AI writing tools are here to stay so let’s talk about how we can leverage it instead of IGNORING IT (cuz it ain’t going anywhere). In the context of marketing, ChatGPT can be used to generate so many helpful forms of copy for us – product descriptions, ad copy, and social media captions, and well the list goes on.

To generate new text using ChatGPT, a user inputs a prompt or a set of keywords (or both!), and the model uses its understanding of language patterns to generate text that is relevant and coherent. The output can then be reviewed, edited, and personalized by you (a human!) to ensure that it meets the specific needs and goals of the marketing campaign. We also want to ensure someone reviews EVERYTHING ChatGPT generates cuz… it does make mistakes. We have all seen the mistakes by now when someone allows it to produce text and it just sounds awful, uses the same old tired terms or worse, it has ACTUAL mistakes in it. EK how embarrassing.

Benefits of using chatgpt for your pinterest marketing

Using ChatGPT for marketing and social media tasks is creating a LOT of buzz right now. I want to share some of the potential benefits of using ChatGPT for some Pinterest marketing related tasks (but not all!) – but also share some information and warnings. ChatGPT cannot replace a human with critical thinking skills. It is not able to scrutinize and interpret information and context – and for this reason, truly at this time, it is best for the low hanging, low skill tasks. Do not expect ChatGPT to produce miracles for your marketing. Remember, this is machine learning and artificial intelligence. Your audience wants to hear from you – not a robot and many, many people are already quickly identifying content that’s been written by ChatGPT and similar AI writing tools. Am I worried about it? Not really – it will never replace my critical thinking, lived experience and level of deep skill that makes me an industry expert. But I do believe that it can be useful for simple, repeatable tasks when provided with the right information, voice and guidance. Here’s how ChatGPT can benefit your Pinterest strategy:

  • Time-saving: ChatGPT can save business owners, marketers and creators time by generating Pin copy – this includes Pin descriptions, Pin titles, text overlay for your Pins, and even assist making suggestions for topics and ideas (basically Pinterest copywriting aspects). I personally know many who have shared that it helps them get started, helps them get out of creative rut and gets the marketing juices flowing by suggesting a framework or outline. Instead of starting from scratch, small business owners and brands can use ChatGPT as a starting point to generate content ideas and drafts as a starting place. If you want access to ChatGPT prompts for Pinterest, you can sign up to grab my free resource here.
  • Content Inspiration and Idea Generation: Sometimes, you may face a creative block or struggle to come up with fresh and innovative content ideas for your Pins or business in general when it comes to content marketing. ChatGPT and other AI writing tools can serve as a source of creative inspiration by generating content variations, concepts or expand on ideas that may not have considered yet. It can also potentially help expand your thinking and help you hash out more (especially if you are in a writing rut).
  • Consistency and Efficiency: ChatGPT can help maintain consistency in the tone and messaging of your copy for Pinterest. This is a subtle potential benefit but one that is nice for staying on brand and super consistent with your brand voice. By providing consistent prompts or guidelines of how you want things written, you can achieve a cohesive brand voice across your Pinterest Pins. And on the note of consistency, likely the BIGGEST benefit I see as a Pinterest expert is to help business owners get consistent in terms of their activity on the platform! What I know is that sometimes people are held back by writing and sitting down to actually complete written tasks. The improved efficiency of generating content using AI allows you to maintain a regular and consistent posting schedule by saving time with your writing, which is crucial for long term sustainable Pinterest growth.
  • Increased Productivity: Using AI writing tools, you can generate multiple Pin titles, Pin descriptions and hooks in a short amount of time, giving you a wider range of options to pull from. This again, saves time but also helps you easily diversify your Pinterest copy to widen your reach by using a range of relevant keywords for discovery. I always recommend that before you publish, you review, fact check, humanize and add in personalizations/customizations to the generated content. This should dramatically cut down the time needed to schedule your Pins.
  • Pinterest Keyword Optimization: Pinterest relies heavily on keyword optimization (much like SEO optimization but it is a unique system designed by Pinterest catered to the visual search engine) to drive visibility and discoverability. ChatGPT can help you optimize your Pin copy by incorporating relevant keywords and phrases you have researched. By experimenting with different prompts and keywords, you can improve the search performance of your Pins and increase your chances of appearing in relevant search results. I have played around with this
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Using ChatGPT for Pinterest Marketing

Like most new exciting technology, it’s crucial for educators and leaders to be also always be transparent and ensure they are ethically providing proper guidance to their audience about the pros and cons of using AI writing tools. I personally was very, very hesitant to begin using the likes of ChatGPT (and other AI programs) as I just didn’t want to go there. Now that things have advanced quite a bit, I am more comfortable with it and part of that is understanding what it can and cannot do. AI writing tools work best when you can provide with high quality information and text to work from – this vastly short cuts the time it takes to generate something you can actually use.

Best Practices and Tips for Using ChatGPT for Pinterest Marketing

  • You need to do the heavily lifting when it comes to keyword research and feeding it a high quality piece of copy written by you! I find that it is able to give the best results when the jumping off point was written by me.
  • I know that many of you do not have the time to “play” for hours with it, so I went ahead and created an expert written and driven ChatGPT prompt guide for Pinterest. You can get access by signing up here.
  • Consider ChatGPT or any of the AI apps as a way to help remove resistance from your marketing efforts on Pinterest but not REMOVE you completely. Remember, we want to write for humans – while considering how we are optimizing our copy for search… and trust me, when you forget about real people, your efforts will just be a waste of time.

Will you start leveraging ai writing tools like chatgpt in your pinterest strategy?

AI tools are not going anywhere, so my best advice is to learn how to harness them with ethical guidelines. Remember, they will never replace you but they can save you a TON of time. Helping shortcut time spent on your marketing or social media is just smart. Especially if you are a team of one or very small, this will help save you money. For me personally, I have found ChatGPT has removed friction or roadblocks that I would experience. I would sometimes get ‘stuck’ and then just abandon something I was working on. Now I get it to help me… Which means that I can show up more consistently. ChatGPT when used correctly can be incredibly powerful for your Pinterest marketing – from helping you write a more keyword rich bio to naming your Pinterest boards to saving you time when it comes to your actual Pins. I encourage you to start playing with AI writing tools to help leverage diverse Pin titles and Pin descriptions and improve your Pinterest copywriting. If you want a little push to get started, grab access to my free ChatGPT prompt guide for Pinterest.

If you are looking for a more robust way to strengthen you AI generated copy for your marketing and business, check out Brittany’s AI Copy Club. It’s a wonderful and robust membership that fits into most budgets to help you master AI Copy for your business.

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