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Has Pinterest’s offer to promote your pin ever sparked your curiosity? If you haven’t taken them up on their offer it is definitely worth considering as a business. Pinterest will give you the biggest bang for your social-media-paid-promotion buck, and it’s a breeze to execute. I am going to walk you through why Promoted Pins should be part of your paid marketing strategy and better yet, I am going to teach you how to run promoted pins yourself!

Why You Should Be Running Promoted Pins For Your Business

The Pinterest audience consists of 259 MILLION people, and that number goes up every, single day. In addition to its vast size, another huge bonus for advertising on Pinterest, is that it is a visual search tool that people use for inspiration and ideas. This means that the people Pinterest shows your pin to, are literally searching for it. The guided search that Pinterest is based on means that Pinterest users are visually searching for solutions to their problems, inspiration and more. If you want to learn more about Pinterest marketing and what aspects you should be focussing on for 2019, here is an article I shared recently.

Here is an example of a recent promoted pin campaign and the ROI for ad spend.

In this blog post, I’ll go over everything you need to know about How To Run Promoted Pins yourself. This is a simple guide that teaches you how to set up a basic Promoted Pin campaign.

The Uniqueness of Promoted Pins Compared to Other Platforms

Paid promotion on other social platforms tend to feel like a bit of a shot in the dark: because they can be. Sure you’re choosing your demographic, but your ad is a singular entity dropped into a feed that probably consists mostly of photos of friends, family and celebrities (or adorable dogs if you’re me). This feels very disruptive to a regular social media user. Haven’t we all complained about the wacky ads we see online? If you don’t have a big budget and an expert to help you, it feels really HARD to get solid results.

Big Returns from a Small Ad Investment on Pinterest

If set up well (leading to valuable content as well of course), Promoted Pins are paid for on a very low, cost-per-click (CPC) basis compared to their counterparts. You can set your budget and time frame ahead of time, which allows you to stay within your cost target. You hear a lot of numbers thrown around from ad experts… $3 a lead is amazing! $5 an opt in is SO GREAT. I have seen extremely low CPC rates for Pinterest ads in my time. One example I reviewed was able to get the CPC for an email opt in down to 0.18 cents. That’s right, 0.18 CENTS. WHAT COSTS 0.18 cents these days? NOT MUCH. The target or average CPC does change depending on your campaign goals, content you are promoting and your targeting. You can potentially drive super high numbers for a very low cost but you might also risk compromising the quality of the traffic. All of this takes some refining and really keeping a close eye on your results.

Put Your Pins In Front of  a Very Interested, Target Audience

Promoted Pins have a viewability rate of 90% according to the good folks at Pinterest! When compared to the industry average at 57%, this is as close as you can get to a sure thing. Part of this stems from the fact that part of setting up a Promoted Pin Campaign is choosing target keywords and interests, in addition to selecting a demographic. I think a big consideration as well with Pinterest ads is that their viewability is so high as they are placed in relevant feeds. Pinterest users are planning and researching ideas so to see an ad that is related to your search is convenient and helps give you valuable information when you are looking for it.

Keywords and search tools, in case you haven’t heard, go together like PB & J. This means that your ad is going to show up in front of people who are searching for Pins just like yours. They aren’t plopped in the middle of a feed, unrelated to everything else, hoping to distract the user and grab their attention. Pinterest knows what you like and what’s to only show you content related to your normal feed.

A Promoted Pin is showing up in front of people who are literally, asking for it. Pinterest ensures that you are pitching to a receptive audience (in the right mindset), so it is relevant and powerful. People come to Pinterest to be inspired and plan. Your ad solves a problem and puts the solution into the hands of those looking for that information.

On Pinterest, ads are not interlopers, they are content. Users are looking for Ideas for their lives. The good news is, you have the solution, and you can get it to their feed in a Promoted Pin.

Promoted Pin Campaigns Work

Whether you’re growing your email list, selling a product, or just looking for more website traffic, a Promoted Pin is a fantastic way to accomplish it. In each area, there have been huge demonstrated gains, and I’ve seen it in my practice time and time again. In my Promoted Pin masterclass, I teach you how to run your own small ad budget promoted Pin campaigns.

Get Access To My Free Promoted Pins Masterclass!

If you’re ready to get started with paid advertising on Pinterest, sign up for my free Promoted Pin Webinar and find out all the amazing things a paid promotion can do for you, and how to do it right.

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  • The basics of running a simple Promoted Pins on Pinterest
  • How to write copy for your pin descriptions that will help drive more traffic
  • How to set up a basic pin campaign with keywords related to your niche or industry
  • How to measure the success of a campaign (clicks, engagement and signups)
  • BONUS: You will also get my guide to Pinterest Perfect Image guide & checklist! If you are wondering why I am sharing tips on how to create Pinterest images that drive traffic, check out this article about one of my main Pinterest tips.

No matter where you’re at in your Pinterest for Business journey, a Promoted Pin Campaign is a great business tool for driving more traffic to your website. This Pinterest masterclass will take your product, mailing list, website traffic and BUSINESS to the next level! You don’t want to miss it. Click here to sign up!

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