How To Repurpose Your Instagram Content On Pinterest

Today, I want to dive into the world of Instagram and Pinterest and talk about how you can use BOTH to your advantage! So many people believe that a Pinterest business account won’t be helpful once you’ve got a successful Instagram account going. But I’m here to tell you that is just not true! Read on to learn how to link your Instagram and Pinterest accounts (new as of Spring 2024) to cultivate your online presence and help you grow your business in exciting new ways (and no, you don’t need a blog to be successful on Pinterest). Read on to get some tips and tricks for repurposing Instagram content to Pinterest in elegant ways that will reach the most users possible. And with almost no extra effort from you!

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Let’s get going! 

Myths about Pinterest

One of my pet peeves is when I find out that people believe one or more of these three things about their social media presence: 

  1. There is no point being on Pinterest unless I have a blog post/website to link to. 
  2. I have to choose between Instagram and Pinterest.
  3. I don’t have time to handle another social media platform.

Let’s talk about them one by one, shall we? 

First of all, I have explained in detail elsewhere how it is possible to monetize Pinterest without a blog. While I will always encourage you to start blogging (it’s a great way to drive traffic to your product or service), I understand that not everyone has the time or ability to blog regularly or they may not feel that they have the tech skills to start their own website. This does NOT mean that Pinterest is not your friend. You can still use Pinterest as a creator or as a business owner and grow your audience, you just have to approach it in a different way. Especially when you’re already creating content on Instagram that is perfect for repurposing! I do want to be honest and say that my professional, expert opinion is that if you are serious about your business, you should have your own website – even a simple one.

Pinterest vs. Instagram?

Did you know that the title of this section is one of the most searched terms on Google related to Pinterest? This has always perplexed me. I personally use Pinterest and Instagram SO differently. Different spaces for different intentions! One is for discovering and growing (Pinterest). The other is for building relationships and nurturing them (Instagram). Pinterest is actually a search engine (so more like Google) – it’s for people to discover you. Instagram is a social networking platform – ideal for building relationships, nurturing, and selling. 

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I regularly get asked, “Should I be using Pinterest instead of Instagram, Meagan?” But this misses the big picture. The truth is, it isn’t one platform versus another platform. Different social media platforms serve different purposes for business owners and creators. It’s not one or the other. The REAL question should be “How should I use Pinterest AND Instagram, Meagan?” Step back and consider how you can use both together – your social and marketing efforts can work together to create magic for you. I love talking about social media eco-systems and how we use different channels to create a marketing eco-system that results in growth for your business.

Pinterest used WITH Instagram allows you to link two platforms together to build a strong marketing plan. Use Pinterest to grow your target audience and drive traffic to your brand and website. Use Instagram to nurture those new relationships, have conversations, and sell your thing, whatever that might be! 

Discovery + Relationship = Growth and Sales! 

How to share your Instagram content to Pinterest (the RIGHT way)

Now that you’ve decided to harness the power of a vibrant Pinterest profile combined with your existing Instagram profile to reach a wider audience and grow your business, let’s talk about the best way to do it, shall we? I have some tips and tricks that will help you link your Pinterest and Instagram in a professional way and get you the best results for your efforts. 

Set up your Pinterest account correctly

First, set up a Pinterest business account and do it right. Take as much care deciding on your name, your profile picture, and all the other fields in the setup page as you did your Instagram bio. The truth is, your Pinterest audience will only trust you and want to consume your content if you look like you care! So, don’t pay lip service to this platform and take it seriously right from the beginning. Remember, Pinterest is not the same as Instagram. It is optimized in a different method and manner since your audience there is different.

How do I connect my Instagram to my Pinterest?

Part of setting up your Pinterest account in a way that maximizes your Instagram content is claiming your Instagram account. This will link your Instagram and Pinterest accounts to one another. Once you do this, all the content Instagram users share from your Instagram account to Pinterest will be credited to you directly (proper attribution of your work on Instagram is really important). A link to your Pinterest profile and a “Follow” button will appear with any Pins containing your content, which is obviously a really good thing. Are you wondering, “But how do I claim my Instagram account on Pinterest?” Just follow these instructions and your accounts will be linked in no time. This is relatively new and depending on what country you are in, you may not have access to this feature yet. I do recommend connecting your Instagram account to your Pinterest account EVEN if you do not plan to share your Instagram content to Pinterest as this allows you to track analytics of your Instagram content on Pinterest. It isn’t uncommon for your followers and fan to Pin your IG content right to Pinterest. In fact, that’s how hashtags first made their way onto Pinterest. From Pinners (regular people) pinning your amazing Instagram content.

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Can I post the same content on Instagram and Pinterest?

This question is usually the real roadblock for people who love Instagram and just aren’t sure about putting more time and effort into another platform. You work so hard on your Instagram content creation. Do you really have to start from scratch on Pinterest? 

No! You can absolutely re-use your recent Instagram posts, reels, and stories to create your best-performing Pins. This is why I get so frustrated when people say they don’t have time for Pinterest. Your Instagram content is ready and waiting to be repurposed quickly and efficiently! Here are a few tips for doing this correctly and professionally. 

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(Note: if you have content on Instagram that connects to your website, ALWAYS prioritize linking to your website first vs rented real estate like Instagram or TikTok. I encourage this because your website allows you to keep track of your analytics in a much more specific way and depth. Your website will track people and where they are going, what they are consuming, how long they are staying, etc. If someone Pins content from Instagram that leads back there, you can see how often it is saved, how many close-ups it is getting, and how many link clicks too. But once they leave to go to Instagram, you have no more data. You cannot chart a user’s experience from beginning to end in the same way). We aren’t able to track if they followed you, eventually purchase something or sign up for your email list.

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How do I link my Instagram reels to Pinterest?

The information that follows takes into account that you read my note above and are linking anything related to your website to your website. For content that truly lives nowhere else but Instagram, go ahead and link directly to the post, reel, or story. 

Why Auto Pinning YOUR INSTAGRAM CONTENT is not best practice

The easiest way to link your content on Instagram to Pinterest is to auto Pin your Instagram content and create a single automated workflow. There are certain account settings in Pinterest that allow you do this (when you first connect your account, it will ask you if you want to pull all your IG content to Pinterest). However, I recommend strongly against it! Why? The name of the game on Pinterest is creating an authentic presence that your audience will fall in love with. You also need to remember that Pinterest is a visual search engine, and how a post LOOKS is incredibly important. And let’s be real here for a moment, when the content is auto pinned for you, it doesn’t always know what to do with it? That beautiful carousel you created for Instagram? Well guess what? It’s been split up into 5 separate Pins and doesn’t make sense anymore. It’s a huge mess.

The best way to repurpose your IG content to Pinterest #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #instagram

So, why not auto pin? Because Pinterest won’t pull a Pin title when it does this. The title will just show up as your name or *gasp* blank! There is just no Pin Title and we know Pin Titles are super important for your Pinterest SEO. You took a lot of time to create your Instagram captions, and you should do the same for Pin titles and Pin descriptions. That caption for Pinterest needs to be optimized. You need to shorten it, add in relevant keywords that are related to your niche, and then reduce your hashtags to just two or three broad ones. On top of that, your Instagram caption was written for Instagram and doesn’t follow the same optimization rules for what works on Pinterest. Is it better than nothing? For sure. But I would say if you want to get more out of your content, drive more saves and conversions, optimize your efforts to maximum your content.

So, instead of auto pinning, I recommend downloading your content so it exists outside the platform and then uploading it directly (manually). Or, you can use the URL right in your Pin manual upload and create a custom Pin for it. This makes it easier to create an optimized image to go with the landing page so it will be seen by more people. We know that if you optimize your graphics for the platform, you will be seen by two to three times more people. Let’s say that again: your engagement will go up two to three times if you optimize your content. Also little hack, if you are using your SmartPhone, you can use your Pinterest app to upload your carousels as images, add music and it turns it into Video.

The best way to repurpose your IG content to Pinterest #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #instagram

Optimize your content for pinterest

So, DO reuse your content. But, DON’T take the auto pinning route. You may also realize that some content created for Instagram content just doesn’t make sense for Pinterest (like memes, a time sensitive sale or event etc). Create a Pinterest-optimized graphic instead. Take the extra few minutes to research your keywords and create optimized Pinterest content that will attract so many more people. In most cases, it’s best to use the post’s URL and not your account URL. And, don’t forget to remove the watermark from your Instagram Reels! All these little details add up to content that looks like you tried and know what you’re talking about. This will resonate with the average active social media user looking for a solution to their problem.  When you upload your video to Pinterest to repurpose it, it also allows you to fully optimize it for search – adding keyword rich copy, selecting the best board for it to be pinned to AND add tag topics.

The best way to repurpose your IG content to Pinterest #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #instagram

Can I reuse all my Instagram content or just regular posts?

Yes, of course! Instagram content can be used in many different ways. You can upload your Instagram carousel posts on mobile and add music and keyword rich copy as I said before. That much should be obvious now.

Many people think of Instagram images as the easiest content to repurpose as Pinterest posts, but that isn’t the case. Your Instagram stories can also be repurposed. So many people are creating video content for Instagram, and this works for Pinterest too! Video Pins are exploding right now and great for creating visibility. Keep videos under one minute and make sure they are helpful but don’t give away the whole thing! Make users want to go from the video Pin to your Instagram account (or your website). Your entire Instagram account is your playground once you get the hang of repurposing!

The best way to repurpose your IG content to Pinterest #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #instagram

I hope I have convinced you that using these tips will help you grow so much faster on Pinterest and get discovered by more users in search! Your social media experience could be so much bigger, and taking the advice offered here will give you a larger audience and get your content SEEN by so many more people. And, it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort either. 

Happy pinning, and I cannot wait to hear about the success it brings you!

And lastly, now that you are all jazzed up about getting on Pinterest and want to get 2-3x more engagement, you are going to want to OPTIMIZE your Pins! Grab access to my Perfect Pin Guide below:

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