How To Repurpose Your Instagram Content On Pinterest

If you don’t blog often or dislike the idea of blogging for your business at this time, this blog post is FOR YOU! Over and over again, I hear from busy entrepreneurs who do not have the time or blog or feel over whelmed by creating a content marketing plan when they spend so much time elsewhere in their business. Well friend, I have a solution for you! I will be teaching you how to repurpose your Instagram content on Pinterest.

If you do not blog but want to use Pinterest for your business…

Whether you like it or not, we are all using Instagram for our businesses. We can get to know our customers, slide into their DM’s, teach… Present a perfectly curated like (HA!). I hear over and over again how you feel like you are missing an opportunity for your business by not using Pinterest – and honey, you ain’t wrong. Pinterest is growing by the day – over 335 million users worldwide (stat shared by Pinterest during a webinar in April 2020). It offers a unique opportunity to capture your customer at the beginning of their journey while they are in discovery mode. If you want to learn more about your Pinterest audience, make sure you read this article.

Can I share Instagram content to Pinterest?

Yes. Do I wish you blogged? Yes, but I know I can’t convince you all how important it is so I am not going to die in a ditch about it. Instead I decided to give you a 7 minute tutorial on three ways to repurpose your Instagram content on Pinterest. Done is better than perfect… And I know once you see how much people are engaging with your amazing content, you are going to change your mind.

Once you dip your toe into Pinterest, it’s hard to go back to just using Instagram or Facebook for your business. Different platform, different audience! If you want to dive deeper into learning about a Pinterest marketing sales funnel, read this article I wrote.

And lastly, you are all jazzed up about getting on Pinterest and want to get 2-3x more engagement, you are going to want to OPTIMIZE your Pins! Grab access to my Perfect Pin Guide below:

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