Get Noticed on Pinterest: Keyword Research and Why it’s Important

Welcome back to my series on how to set up and leverage a brand new Pinterest business account! Let’s talk about my favourite feature on the platform, the Pinterest Keyword Tool. If you are just joining in now, I suggest going back and reading about the benefits of creating a business profile rather than using your personal use account for business purposes.

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First, I’m going to take you through the next step of setting up your new Pinterest business account. We’re going to talk about the importance of Pinterest keywords. We will do a deep dive on how to do Pinterest keyword research. This will help you:

  • stay in touch with what your audience or customer base is searching for on Pinterest.
  • stay relevant and produce the right kind of Pin description and Pin titles.
  • help you set up your account so you rank more highly in search on the platform.

By the time you are done reading this post, you will have the tools to produce optimized Pinterest content with relevant keywords that will be seen by the right kind of pinner. Exciting, right?

promotional blog post about Pinterest keywords by Pinterest expert Meagan Williamson

How do I create a Pinterest account for my business?

First off, you need a business Pinterest profile to truly make your mark on this social media platform. Hopefully by now, you have already: 

  • Hit “Create account” and signed up for your free Pinterest business account 
  • Chosen a business name 
  • Entered other business information (personal info, claimed a website, etc.)
  • Selected a handle (username)
  • Added a profile picture and account cover
  • Checked out your settings 
  • Explored the resources available to you 
  • Investigated your Pinterest analytics

If you can check all these boxes, congratulations! You’ve taken the first step. Your business Pinterest account is starting to look beautiful and you’re well on your way to establishing your own personal brand that your audience is going to get to know and trust. 

Maybe you’ve read this far and you haven’t done any of the things on this list yet. Maybe you’re wondering, “Is a Pinterest business account free?” or, “Should I have a separate Pinterest account for my business?” If these questions are swirling around in your head, I recommend that you check out the first post in this series where I explain the importance of setting up your free and separate business account (there’s the answer to one of your questions!). I also have a free Pinterest for Beginners series to give you the information you need to do your basic account setup.

The next step

OK. Now that you’ve come this far, I know it’s going to be tempting to start creating and posting new content from your new account right away! But before you start pinning your own Pins to Pinterest boards relevant to your niche and targeted Pinterest users, just wait a second. Can you answer these questions?

  1. Do you REALLY know what kind of Pinterest content is attractive to your target audience?
  2. Do you know the best way to reach your potential customers?
  3. What are people searching for on Pinterest when they’re thinking about your product/service?
  4. How to develop a focused Pinterest marketing strategy?

We all want to create popular Pins on a regular basis. But, rather than starting to pin madly to every new board you can find, the next thing you need to do is make sure you create relevant content that your potential customers want to see. This is an incredibly important next step because it also makes your business more likely to come up in your customers’ search results. If people can’t find you, how can they choose your business? This is where the concept of using the best Pinterest keywords comes into play. 

Keyword research

To make the most of your Pinterest marketing efforts, you need to do some keyword research to see what appeals most to your audience. So, today’s mini-tutorial for this crash course in Pinterest for beginners (whether you’re a business owner or a creator) will show you how to quickly and effectively do Pinterest keyword research. Because you want to make sure you’re using the best keywords you possibly can, and research is the only way to do this.

What you need to understand is that Pinterest is a visual search engine, which makes it different than a traditional social media site. We know that Pinterest is a destination for all things inspiration. People come here to look for an inspiring quote, a product as a gift, or maybe a how-to tutorial. There are so many different ideas that people can collect (pin!) and be inspired by and learn from. And Pinterest knows exactly how people normally go about searching for all these ideas.

How Pinterest works 

If you’re new to Pinterest and the platform seems mysterious to you, I want to teach you! Let me be the Pinterest expert in your pocket (for free!). I want to explain to you how the platform works so you can use it to your advantage. It was designed as a place where people can gather and collect ideas to inspire a stage of life, a move they want to make, a DIY project they want to undertake, or even some good taco soup recipes! You get the idea.  

The way the algorithm works is that it presents content that it believes will solve a searcher’s problem or inspire them to action in some way. For this reason, it is considered a solutions-focused platform. But, as a search engine, it needs a way to show its users what they are looking for. That is, it needs to show them relevant Pins, relevant shopping solutions, and content that makes sense based on their search behaviour. It does this by using popular keywords Pinners use most often for each topic to display content.

Searching on a visual search engine 

This is a little bit complicated, but stick with me. As a platform, Pinterest uses two ways to show a pinner Pins or content that it believes will be of use to that particular Pinterest user. This is called, “relevancy”. It does this in two ways. As a visual platform, it uses images and video that are visually engaging and interesting to show Pinterest users what they are looking for (hopefully!). The second is written text. This is where keywords come in. 

If we go to a platform like Google and enter keywords, the algorithm will predict what you might want to see. I used the word “Easter” to see what would happen. When I finished typing “Easter”, a bunch of phrases came up for me to choose from: “Easter 2024”, “Easter dinner ideas”, “Easter desserts”, and other related terms. Google knows that there is a high probability that I am searching for one of these phrases. This predictive search is a powerful tool that can be leveraged to your Pinterest keyword research advantage.

screenshot of a Pinterest guided search for the word

So, how is that different from what happens when we search on Pinterest? If you go to the Pinterest search bar and enter the word “Easter”, Pinterest will also predict things that have high search volumes. But it will be tailored for solutions to problems rather than simply information (like Google). For example, “Easter nails by skin tone” pops up, as well as “Easter nails”, “Easter crafts”, “Easter basket ideas”, etc. For the sake of following my example, I chose “Easter basket ideas”. Pinterest then showed me the top-ranking content for this keyword phrase.

Pinterest Guided Search results for Easter basket ideas

But it didn’t JUST show me visual content. There are also headlines below the pictures that show us more information. So, things like “5 Easter egg filler ideas” or “26 teen girl Easter basket ideas” appear. And, if you look at the top of the screen above the visuals, Pinterest will also predict MORE related keywords that might be helpful, like “cheap”, “cute”, or “toddlers”. So, you can see there are core topics (in this case the broad keyword is “Easter”), but there are many variants that are necessary to consider as well.

So, now that you see how the Pinterest keyword predictive search tool works, I hope the sparks are flying! That is how (in a very broad way) the keyword algorithm tool figures out what to show Pinterest Pinners.

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What does this mean for me? 

As a strategic business owner or creator, you now have a good idea of the power of leveraging different keywords to your advantage. This is where you have some work to do. You need to put on your thinking cap and think about YOUR particular business, service, or content (whatever space you are in). Head to Pinterest and enter one or two keywords to look up the particular phrases that Pinterest users are seeking on the platform related to your niche. This helps you learn how YOUR ideal audience or customers are searching on the platform (audience insights, if you will). Then, record these keywords to use later. 

Pinterest Trends example

Need more help?

Are you still feeling overwhelmed by the idea of figuring out the right keyword ideas all on your own? Feel like your Pinterest strategy needs a bit more direction? Maybe you are wishing there was a Pinterest keyword research tool out there that could help you do this right. Well, good news! I’m here to help with my Pinterest Keyword Research + Planner Toolkit. This low-cost digital product is perfect as a complete guide for the beginning Pinterest strategist. It’s like having a Pinterest Manager in your pocket! It’s the easiest way to take the confusion and headache out of your Pinterest optimization process. I’m going to help you get there with:

  • Detailed video trainings that remove the guesswork and helps you get started ASAP with your keyword use 
  • A keyword planner tool to help research, track and create the best keywords and keyword phrases for your niche, content and ideal Pinterest audience 
  • All future updates, so if (when!) Pinterest evolves there’s no need to worry that your hard work is outdated

Plus, as an extra special bonus, you’ll receive a professionally designed Canva image template bundle to use on Pinterest! 

And, this is a digital product. That means that upon purchase, you get instant access! No waiting for delivery. So, let’s take all your hard work to the next level, optimize your content, and get your Pins seen by the right people in the right place so you can get back your time and grow your business on autopilot!

And that’s it for today! Now you understand how Pinterest keywords work and know the easy steps for how to research the most relevant, popular searches for your niche. You’re going to be unstoppable now! 

See you next time!

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