Five Easy Ways to Promote Your Pinterest Account

You’ve used all the Pinterest tips and tricks. You’ve tidied up your Pinterest boards, and all of your Pins are optimized for search. Your account is looking top notch. Now what? As a wise man once said, “Ask not what your Pinterest account can do for you, but what you can do for your Pinterest account.” Or something like that – I’m paraphrasing. Anyway, your account is all dressed up – let’s give her a place to go!  Read on dear friend, and I will walk you through five easy ways to promote your Pinterest account.

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Small picture? Cross promoting your Pinterest account is a great way to showcase new products or seasonal content. And it’s so easy to add to your Pinterest marketing strategy that the hardest part will be understanding why you didn’t do it sooner.

Big picture? When it comes to running a business, ESPECIALLY an online business, there is one thing you need as much of as possible: Eyes on your content. There are a lot of eyes out there, but there’s also a lot to look at. It is an extremely noisy digital world out there with estimates that we see between 3,000-6,000 ‘messages’ a day online!

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Promoting your Pinterest account outside of Pinterest, is such a great idea, not only because it gives the few non-Pinterest users out there a glimpse into this glorious platform, but it also gives you a great chance to show your stuff off with context. An important and often forgotten key to a successful online business is making sure all roads lead to your business. Promoting your Pinterest account in your other channels allows you to growth your avid followers and share your messaging across multiple locations.

All Roads Should Lead to Your Website & Messaging

No matter how beautifully curated your Pinterest account is, no one is going to comb through every single board. Promoting your Pinterest account gives you a way to put your best, most topical content out there so that no one has to sift through everything to find the golden nuggets. Talking about a trend or seasonal idea on Instagram Stories? HELLO [seasonally relevant] Pinterest board here.


Embed a Board on a Blog Post
I know you’ve seen it – you’re reading a blog post and they have a beautiful embedded Pinterest  board, right smack dab in the middle of it. Be honest: Did you assume doing something like that on your blog was impossible because you’re not a programmer? Or you don’t have the budget to hire one?

Girl: NO NEED. Pinterest’s Widget Builder is here save the day and give you that pro-edge that can seem so elusive sometimes. You choose your board, copy the url, paste it into the Widget Builder, and it will instantly spit out the code for you to embed it in your post!

Embed a Pin on a Blog Post
Blogging about your favourite products? Why not include an embedded Pin with each one? You can use the Pinterest Widget Builder for this one too and in no time you’ll have a blog post littered with enticing little pathways all leading back to your Pinterest account.

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Take a Screen Capture of Your Pinterest Feed for Instagram
I LOVE using screen captures on my iPhone. They look totally professional, they’re interesting to look at, and they give a preview of what’s going on, without giving away the farm. And you know what, we ALL love video.

Think this one’s out of your league too? It ain’t! You can take a screen capture on an iPhone or iPad, an Android, or on a Mac or PC.

Sharing relevant pins or boards from your Pinterest account on your Instagram Stories is a wonderful way to showcase inspiration and ideas outside of Instagram

A screen capture looks amazing with Instagram’s Swipe Up feature, but if you don’t have the Swipe Up feature, you could use it as a post or story, and just link to your Pinterest account in your bio or tell them to send you a message.

Post Your Favourite Board on Facebook
Have I mentioned I love Pinterest? They think of everything. They’ve got you covered when sharing to Facebook too – it’s all set up to make you look goood. All you have to do is copy the url of your favourite board, then paste it into a Facebook status, and they’ll give you the perfect, profesh, nice-looking little preview. It will default to your board cover, so make sure it’s optimized to get the best look.

Share Your Pinterest URL with Your Email List
We all know by now that having an email list is key, right? RIGHT?! If you haven’t been giving much thought to growing your email list, you may want to check this post out. Although Pinterest is easily THE MOST EFFECTIVE driver of web traffic, it doesn’t mean that everyone joined your email list found your website through Pinterest. These people need to see your Pinterest account too! It’s only fair to share. Your email subscribers are your most intimate followers. They have said “yes” you are allowed to enter their inbox (so sacred!).

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