A holistic approach to Pinterest success

Pinterest can be an incredible tool for growing your business.

 But no business succeeds in a vacuum. Getting the most from any social media platform means doing other stuff right, too.

Hi, I’m Meagan!

Pronounced Mee-gan. (What can I say, I was born to do things differently!)


I started using Pinterest over ten years ago as a way to drive traffic to the personal blog I started while taking care of my newborn son.


I loved exploring different strategies and tactics and measuring the impact they had on growing an audience. Since it was still ‘just a hobby,’ I had the freedom to test the limits without pressure.


This little side hobby started gaining major traction. Other creators and businesses noticed the growth I cultivated in a relatively short period of time on Pinterest. I began receiving inquiries about managing Pinterest accounts, and my coaching business was born.

Since then, I’ve helped 1000+ business owners like you grow with Pinterest.


I’m also one of less than a handful of Pinterest marketing experts not employed by Pinterest chosen to lead training for creators on their behalf. This trust—and yours—is an honor.


Spending ten years in the trenches of any social media platform, you learn a thing or two. For me, it’s how everything in marketing works together. 


My programs and coaching certainly focus on Pinterest. But followers of my social channels, coaching and strategy clients, and members of my program Pin Potential also learn about overcoming mindset challenges, SEO, email marketing, how to create engaging content, demystifying paid and organic traffic, and so much more! 


Pinterest is just one aspect of your marketing. I give you the tools to succeed on Pinterest—and beyond.

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In business, I believe in:

• Paying attention to trends but having the courage to think for yourself (blame it on my past life as an academic researcher)


• Building others up through community


• Creating systems that work for your lifestyle

“Meagan is so transparent in everything. She pulled back the curtain on her business and analytics. It’s very raw. She offers a real human element.”

“More and more of my clients wanted to better their presence on Pinterest, but Pinterest was going through tons of changes. It wasn’t as easy to get traffic. I wanted to sharpen my skills. Through the coaching and templates in Pin Potential, now I feel much more confident and efficient.”

- Sarah N. Virtual assistant

Who I Help

Passionate Small Business Owners

Small business owners have a different set of needs. Yes, you’ll learn how to grow your business with Pinterest. But in the early stages, it’s important to establish healthy business practices beyond Pinterest, too. As a certified business coach, I share every last detail about running a successful online business including launch strategies, creating programs, growing a team, balancing business and family, and more.

Brands and Large Businesses

Established brands and business owners always have room to grow. Together, we’ll understand your goals and create a custom Pinterest marketing strategy to increase visibility, expand your audience, and boost sales.   

Virtual Assistants and Social Media Managers 

Feel confident about the advice you give your clients. My programs, training, coaching, and community give you the skills to be a pro consultant that gets results (so you can charge more!)

Pinterest Creators

Save time on Google and get the latest Pinterest advice, updates, recommendations, and trends in one place.

“Pinterest started making changes and people's user behavior changed, too. I couldn't keep up with best practices. I now have a place I can go for information that is vetted and supported by Pinterest itself and Meagan’s real-world testing.”

- Brittany, Business Owner, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

“Meagan helped me put my business into a broader perspective and learn how to deal with it as a business. I was just an archeologist who started a travel blog. She’s a nurturing and generous business mentor.”

- Thomas Dowson, Founder & Editor, Archeology Travel

How I Help

Pin Potential

Pin Potential is my signature Pinterest coaching program with the largest community available. It’s a framework, course, training, and masterclass series all rolled into one. The full program includes bi-weekly coaching calls, Q&As, and in-depth training sessions from myself and other marketing experts.

Members also get access to course modules, time-saving templates, masterclasses that help you become a badass business owner, my nearly undivided attention (my two kiddos get a little bit *wink*), and shared experiences with other business owners so we can flatten the learning curve together.

1:1 Strategy

Get my trusted-by-Pinterest expertise in a custom strategy made just for you. You’ll get clear direction on how to integrate Pinterest into an existing marketing plan, create more visibility for your brand, and increase conversions including sales and email subscribers. You and your team will also receive training on how to execute the plan with the resources you have, plus coaching and feedback as you get started.

Group Masterclasses & Workshops

Interested in educating your team on Pinterest marketing? I offer private masterclasses and learning opportunities that bring customized education directly to you and your organization.

“Meagan helped me realize I had the potential to achieve my goals.” - Christina W., Pinterest marketing agency owner

Achieve your own brand of success

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