5 Reasons You Should be Advertising on Pinterest

While Pinterest Promoted Pins are ruling the social media marketing race, the benefits of Pinterest Ads continue to remain an industry secret. Pinterest Ad costs are crazy low, but when they’re executed properly, they return HUGE gains. Today I am going to dispel the mystery around Pinterest Advertising, show you that it’s easy and effective, and give you the top five reasons you should be advertising on Pinterest.

1 – Pinterest Ads Help Pinners Instead of Bothering Them

Pinterest is relatively new when it comes to paid advertising, but Advertising on Pinterest is by and large, the most effective key in your marketing strategy. One of the big differences is that as a planning platform, Pinterest users are accustomed to seeing and seeking branded solutions to their searches. When you think of Facebook and Instagram however, people are there to see other types of images – family, friends, celebrities, fashion pics etc.

When a paid ad pops into your FB or IG feed, usually it’s about 20% useful (30% creepy because it knows you just verbally mentioned needing new bathing suit on the sly to a friend, then shows you an ad for bathing suits), but mostly it’s around 50% annoying. On Pinterest, ads are embedded into what users are actively searching for, making it 100% useful (0% creepy) and 0% annoying.

Pinners are using Pinterest to find ways to make their day-to-day lives better, and one of the benefits of advertising on Pinterest, is the fact that they do exactly that.

2 – Your Pinterest Audience is Searching for You … Literally

With more than 250 million people using Pinterest every month, there’s a hefty chance that some of those people are your people. What is so unique to Pinterest as a social platform, is that instead of scrolling through a feed for entertainment, people turn to Pinterest to search for solutions, ideas, products and more.

Pinterest is THE BEST way to find your most interested audience. Pinterest’s job is to match Pinners with the pins they will be most excited to see, based on their interests. With more than 300 million registered users (and that number grows every day), you can bet that you are the perfect match for many Pinterest users, and it’s Pinterest’s job to get your pins, especially your Pinterest Promoted Pins, in front of those people.

3 – Pinterest Advertising is Cheap

Social media cost per click (CPC) rates, are already surprisingly low, but compared to other social platforms’ CPC rates, Pinterest ranks among the lowest. Where Pinterest stands head and shoulders above the rest is with the return on your investment. Advertising on Pinterest is perfect for the budget savvy business owner.

In my research and in running campaigns for my clients, I have seen amazing return on ad spend (ROAS). This is where the biggest difference lies. How many times have you run a Facebook Ad and achieved meager results?

Lead acquisition using Pinterest Promoted Pins is cheap, and moreover it is effective. The leads it brings your way are as warm as they come, because they are literally searching for your content, they just don’t know who you are yet! When Pinterest Ads introduce you, it’s a match made in marketing heaven.

4 – Advertising on Pinterest Lets You Set Up Unobtrusive Ad Campaigns With Ease

Pinterest users keep coming back to the platform, because Pinterest understands what appeals to them and shows them what they want to see. Pinterest does this by matching interests and using keywords to place your pins in front of people who are searching for relevant content.

Pinterest keywords are just like SEO – they help Pinterest to organize and categorize your content so they can show it to users based on their search entries. For more tips on how to pick your keywords and get those Promoted Pinterest Pins seen by the right people, check out this blog post.

5 – Pinterest Works … And Keeps Working, and Working, and Working …

Pinterest Promoted Pins are a very smart, top layer to your sales funnel, for introducing your product or service to users.

But friends, I cannot stress this enough: Pinterest is a long game.

Once you send your well-crafted Pin out there on Pinterest, it will float around like a little lead-collecting fairy, FOREVER – always keeping an eye out for Pinners searching for it, and popping up in their feeds.

Use advertising on Pinterest to bring people into your world. Your viewers may see what you’re all about right away, buy what you’re selling and ask you to watch their kids for the weekend. But in most cases, what Pinterest will deliver is warm (like steamy-warm) leads. From there, it’s up to you to convert them.

Use your preferred method of communication, whether that’s email marketing, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to communicate with you warm leads, then get to work on your Like, Know, Trust factor. Then, when you do share your amazing offer, your lead knows you, likes you and trusts you, and that’s the type of lead who converts to a life-long customer.

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