How To Improve Your Pinterest Account In 10 Minutes

As a Pinterest Consultant, I often get asked about quick ways to improve a Pinterest for Business account. From small businesses to bloggers to large brands, everyone wants to know how to improve their Pinterest account without investing hours and hours.

Pinterest Tips for Business From A Pinterest Consultant

I wanted to share how to improve your Pinterest account in 10 minutes as I think this is one of the most simple Pinterest tips for businesses. It is best to start with this ‘clean-up’ of your Pinterest account as it helps to identify areas for improvement moving forward. When I do quick audits of a Pinterest account I always look for a few major things…

The 10 Minute Fix to Your Pinterest Business Account

Take a few minutes to look at two Pinterest accounts that you love. Why do you love them? Are they visually pleasing, do they have lots of valuable content, do they regularly pin great stuff? Think about it. Now pick out what the two accounts have in common and let’s move your account in that direction!

The first thing I always look at is to make sure that the account is verified as a business account, has a good profile picture (clear, up to date, a real person if possible but if not, a recognizable logo) and take a quick stock of the numbers (how many boards, how much content is on each of those boards, is there a good foundation to attract users to the account).


Next, scan your Board covers and titles for VISUAL CONTINUITY. Pick a thematic pattern and stick with it. You might need to hunt down some new pictures that fit your new look (they do not need to be your own, it is more important that they align with your desired look/branding). When working on your titles, do not forget about SEO. Try to include keywords that users would search while maintaining your branded titles. I prefer to take the approach of using words that plainly describe the content to make it a no-brainer for users – for example, “Visual Inspiration” or “Modern Dining Rooms”. Whatever you choose, keep it consistent across all board titles.


Get ready to SEO the heck out of your account. What do you have time for now? Your title, profile description, and boards. Apply what you know about Google SEO strategies to Pinterest. Pinterest is NOT a social media platform like the rest. It is a search engine – and the more you can optimize your content, them more you will help Pinterest and those that use it find your stuff!

Image of text: Pinterest isn't just about sharing content, you are curating a beautiful visual collection.


Once you have done a visual clean-up, think about how much CONTENT is available on your Pinterest account for users (look at your Board pin numbers and how many Boards are there) on your profile. Aim to have a solid amount of pins on each of your boards – users want to see that you have plenty of inspiration for them. Pinterest isn’t just about sharing your own content, you are curating a beautiful visual collection. Although there is no perfect number, I would begin with a range of 40-50 pins per board to get started.


After that, take a look at your profile statistics to figure out which of your Boards has the MOST IMPRESSIONS or login to Tailwind and check out BOARD INSIGHTS. Based on what is performing the best, re-organize your Boards to reflect popularity (give people what they are searching for most!). You may also want to put a board in your top 6 that you are hoping to promote.

Viola, your account has been cleaned up in under 10 minutes. Now get pinning!

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  1. On point, thank you Meagan. So many aha moments. Sometimes you just need to research your brains out until you find that one person who makes everything click into place. You have helped me put that last piece of puzzle into place. For this I am eternally grateful.


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