What and When to Post on Pinterest | A Pinterest Seasonal Content Calendar

  • What and when to post on Pinterest - a FREE printable seasonal content calendar to help you plan your Pinterest schedule. #Pinteresttips #contentcalendar #bloggingtips

Stumped about what and when to post on Pinterest to gain maximal traction for your content? I have you covered! I have created a comprehensive Pinterest seasonal content calendar. This calendar will help you to know what and when to post on Pinterest to achieve the best results.

What and When to Post On Pinterest

I often get asked when are the best times to start posting seasonal content on Pinterest. You want to make sure users are seeing your content for the upcoming season. I am not just talking about Christmas. Everything from blogging and biz tips to Thanksgiving meal planning has a lead time on Pinterest. My free calendar also recommends when interest peaks in these topics. I took some of the most popular topics and trends on Pinterest and organized them into an easy to navigate, one page free download. This calendar will help remind you when to post your evergreen content from previous years but also help you to plan for the upcoming season. You spend all that time carefully planning and writing your blog posts, you really should be making sure you don’t miss the wave on Pinterest.

A free seasonal content calendar for Pinterest - what and when to post on Pinterest. For more details, head to www.meaganwilliamson.com/blog #Pinterestplanning #Pinteresttips

A Pinterest Seasonal Content Calendar to Help You Get Organized

I often notice that most brands jump on the seasonal train a little too late on Pinterest. This is another facet of how Pinterest is not like other social media platforms.  Facebook and Instagram are much more present day. For example: on these platforms, holiday decor images begin appearing around the same time that people begin decorating their homes for the holidays (late November & beginning of December) while holiday content was being researched on Pinterest as early as September/October. This is why older content from PREVIOUS seasons comes to life. It was added too late the first time around so it gains traction the following year.

Lead Time for Seasonal Content on Pinterest is Crucial

My seasonal content calendar for Pinterest can help you to strategize and increase your reach for all the big upcoming seasons. Enjoy and happy pinning!

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